Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes

We are back! 

The Results Are In From The Wild Meat Tasting - Emu, Kangaroo & Crocodile

So, I was feeling adventurous and decided to do something new by eating some wild meat available in Australia - Emu, Kangaroo and Crocodile. Aren't I a bit of a daredevil?

Hello 2018!

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2017 Is Here!

Happy new year! 

That's right, Australia has already gone into 2017...

The Worst Moments Of A (Bad) Break-Up

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We've talked about the best moments of being in love but what happens if for some reason, the love ship hits an iceberg and you're faced with a break-up and possibly a heart break? (Which could lead to the acclaimed 5 stages of grief - Denial, Anger, Depression, Bargaining, Acceptance). We've put together a basic list (in no particular order) of the worst moments of a break-up to look out for. Hopefully, being aware of them makes them easier for you to handle when/if the time comes... 

The Sweetest Moments Of Being In Love

Being in love is the sweetest feeling ever, especially when it's new. If you're in love or have ever been in love you'll identify with these moments of pure bliss that come with just the right hint of pain...

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How Well Do You Know Yourself?

If you had to cast your own character in a movie, who would you pick to play you?

Damn The Consequences And Break Fashion Rules With Athleisure

If you think the athleisure trend is going away sometime soon, then think again. We don't know if the continuously growing popularity of athleisure means the end of regular casual wear as we know it, what we do know is that athleisure will be sticking around for a long time. Think about it; it's the perfect combination of casual and active wear - comfort, style and function all rolled into one so, we are not in the least bit surprised that more and more people are jumping on the athleisure band wagon.

Here's What Your Poop Says About You

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When you do your dumping business, do you do a quick appraisal before flushing? No? Well, you should. According to Genevieve of Mama Natural, your poop has a lot to say about you. Yep, gossip and all. To find out, all you gotta do is look. It tells what you ate/drank and how much, plus everything else going on inside you. Don't you ever wonder why Doctors request a sample of doodies? It means there's something you're probably not telling that those little (or huge perhaps? yeeesh!) gossip mongers will. Let's find out, shall we?