The Worst Moments Of A (Bad) Break-Up

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We've talked about the best moments of being in love but what happens if for some reason, the love ship hits an iceberg and you're faced with a break-up and possibly a heart break? (Which could lead to the acclaimed 5 stages of grief - Denial, Anger, Depression, Bargaining, Acceptance). We've put together a basic list (in no particular order) of the worst moments of a break-up to look out for. Hopefully, being aware of them makes them easier for you to handle when/if the time comes... 


The point of the break-up i.e. when the break-up happens. Now this could come in several different ways... a normal/actual discussion, a phone call, a text message, weird behaviour combined with the disappearing act, a social media break-up announcement (this has become quite popular and you may or may not be tagged to the announcement), they tell a friend to tell you #AllSorts (Please be a decent human being and break up with someone in a face to face conversation and give them the closure they need to get over you). 

FYI - you are allowed to yell, cry and throw things if you need to. You certainly need an avenue to vent and feel better (just try not to hurt anyone).
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When the ex returns all your stuff they have, and/or all the things you ever gave them. This can be quite painful on two levels. 1) They return things you'd prefer they keep to remember you by. 2) They do not return things you hold very dear or refuse to pay back money they owe you ...which leads us to the next point.

When the ex doesn't return your stuff and you have to ask for those things to be returned, especially if it includes a monetary loan. Awkwaaaard!

Hearing of or seeing said ex with a new partner, especially if you're not over them yet and think it's too soon for them to be dating someone else (whatever happened to the mourning period eh?)

Seeing pictures/videos or any mementos that remind you of the happy times (or the ugly times). You should probably get rid of these, yes?
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Meeting a new potential partner who has similar qualities to said ex, especially the qualities/habits that ticked you off.

Remembering all the sacrifices and investments you made in the relationship - emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually...

When you have to explain why "you couldn't hold down another relationship" to family and friends. Good luck with that!

When you realize your ex has blocked you on all social media platforms... ooops! It's bad enough if your relationship was Facebook official and they updated their status to single, it's worse if they go from single back to "in a relationship" with someone else, worse still if they skip relationship and go straight to "engaged" or "married". The worst? When the new partner is someone you know. Yikes!
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When you attempt to remove all traces of the relationship from social media and the internet (nice try!) but you know at the back of your mind that pictures have been saved and posts have been screen-munched/grabbed. Haha

When your mutual friends take sides with your ex and shun you... Ouch! Yes, you need new friends.

When people generally ask after your partner/relationship and you have to say it's over. 

When you run into your ex and they seem to be doing better than you are, in the game of "who is more over who" This is when you're likely to make impulsive decisions like shaving off all your hair, piercing your nipples and some other delicate body parts, buying a pet Snake, getting a tattoo of your Cat's name or worse - jumping into a relationship with and/or marrying the next available person that you may not even like. We are not here to judge. All we are saying is, be sure to think things through and make decisions with a clear head.

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Did we miss any worst moments? Share in the comments and remember to drink lots of water.

Wishing you a happy new year in advance, filled with lots and lots of love.



  1. Ahhh. Never make it Facebook official until he puts a ring on it...that's just sense. It's bad enough that people will ask where is your leboo?? The whole Facebook will now ask as well??? Kuku kill yasef...hehehe. the first thing I did was block the human from all social media accounts and unfollowed. Then I deleted every trace and memory...even automatically deleted his phone number from memory... (makes it easier to move on)

    Now we ready for 2017.
    Bia Tess, please write something for the new one has time to be mulling over somebwacky ex in the new year. Hehehhe

    1. Lol! I know that feeling of wanting to die of shame when people know the relationship didn't work out but why do we care so much? What's so wrong with admitting a relationship is over? Why must we be ashamed? Why do we worry so much about what other people think of us? That the relationship didn't work is that the relationship didn't work. Celebrate when the going is good and if it ends, it ends. Simple.

      Thanks though, your recommendation for the new year is noted. Stay tuned!


  2. Sometimes, the worst moment is remembering you pre-sensed the course of events(people like me that have an extra sense that can't be explained)..If I were a fatalist, I would have left. So I told her in order to avoid it and whenever I remember the assurances given... Then I did everything I could...only to still take heaps of blames Moving on seems difficult especially when you cannot avoid seeing daily (coursemates). Since September 2015, I've been waiting for July 2017 to graduate...
    2017 is here now. Happy New Year people

    1. Aww, I understand how you must feel but it seems as though it wasn't meant to be, especially as you sensed it before it happened. Somethings just cant be avoided. Doing what you could, only served to delay the inevitable. All you can do now is move forward. Dust yourself off, pick yourself up and try again (Too Cliché?).

      There's a school of thought that believes one shouldnt date anyone they are in close proximity with. I guess your case buttresses that point. However, things don't have to be awkward between you two. Do your best to be as civil as possible and July will be here before you know it.

      Wishing you lots and lots of love and laughter this new year. The best is yet to come.