Damn The Consequences And Break Fashion Rules With Athleisure

If you think the athleisure trend is going away sometime soon, then think again. We don't know if the continuously growing popularity of athleisure means the end of regular casual wear as we know it, what we do know is that athleisure will be sticking around for a long time. Think about it; it's the perfect combination of casual and active wear - comfort, style and function all rolled into one so, we are not in the least bit surprised that more and more people are jumping on the athleisure band wagon.

It doesn't matter if you're actually doing any exercise or getting fit, all you gotta do is dress up and show up. If you do want to get in some exercise, the burden of logging a gym bag around is no longer a problem... you just hit the gym whenever you want without any hassles. You can break out in a run or do a full split at any time without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. 

You know what they say - if you can't beat them, join them! For beginners who are unsure of how and where to start, take baby steps. Start by incorporating one item of active wear into your everyday look and build up as you get the hang of it. Incorporate sweat shirts, sweat pants or leggings and sneakers into your regular wear and you're spot on in athleisure. The trend is proof that rules - fashion rules - are made to be broken. How else do we explain that since fitness became the new thin, yoga pants are the new skinny jeans, sports bras are the new crop tops, running shoes are the new boots and sweat pants are the best things since sliced bread? 

The advantage of investing in athleisure is that aside the ease of styling it up for a quick hangout with the squad, styling it down to hit the gym or mixing it up for a night at the club regardless of any weather situation, it pushes you to test the limits of its functionality and durability. While in active wear, you subconsciously want to stay active and you get to be fit and look good in it, in athleisure wear you look even better. We couldn't possibly ask for more even if we wanted to. 

The disadvantage? We'll leave that for you to decide... 

Don't forget to drink lots of water.


Photo credit - Complex, South Moon Under

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