Valentine's Day: Naughty Or Nice?

kinky mug

February 14th - Valentine's day is almost here. Have you finalized your plans? Remember we provided some suggestions to guide your gifting. (Click here and here) Well, we played nice because, nice is good but are you ready to take it up a notch and be a little naughty? No, a lot naughty? Single or not, here are some naughty ideas to consider and give the day some extra sizzle...

1) Edible lingerie

2) Naughty forms/certificates/coupons

3) Naughty body wrap/bow to make yourself the gift *wink*

4) Naughty/Cut-out lingerie

5) Naughty games

Stress Boobs6) Naughty toys

7) Stress balls boobies (gerrit?)

8) Role playing costumes

9) Boob/butt shaped pillows

10) Naughty shaped cake, donut, candy etc

11) Chocolate pens for body writing

12) Naughty money for purchasing naughty goods and services

13)  Naughty plates, mugs, cutlery, bottle stoppers and corkscrews (pun is absolutely intended)

14) Naughty aprons and towels

Got any more to add? Share in the comments!

Disclaimer - We shall not be liable for your decisions and actions or the consequences that arise thereof. Thank you :) Please don't do anything you would be ashamed to admit. Hehehe


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