Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Just yesterday, a blog reader - Nneoma, left a comment on the day's post {click here if you missed it} asking for gift ideas for Valentine's day. On top of that, I came across this picture posted on Instagram by @westafrikanman with a caption prompting all ladies to do something about coming up with better Valentine's day gift ideas. LOL!

Let's be honest, the picture totally nailed it! Plus it's not just the girls, the guys are bad at this too. I for one, suck big time at gifting. So what I usually do when I'm in doubt is to skip the element of surprise and point-blank ask the recipients what they want. Or I provide options (within my budget of course) they can chose from before getting them anything.

Anyhoo, since it seems that I'm not the only one with this problem, I put on my philanthropist cap and got researching. Here's what I found. I hope you get inspired too. 

Before you go on, I suggest you pause and first decide on a budget to work with to avoid drilling deep, large holes in your pocket - Hehehe - and make sure you stick to the gift ideas that work with the budget. The cost of the gift/gifts shouldn't matter as long as it's something thoughtful and meaningful... and of course, is something for someone you love, who loves you right back, yeah? Let's dive in then, shall we?

1) For the girls, think about the things he likes and get him something related... a customized jersey of his favourite sports team, hand-made shoes with his name inscribed on them, a  portrait painting of him or of both of you (territory marking?) etc. Is he a gadget person? How about some techie-techie gadget he's had his eyes on? Can't think of anything? How about a wristwatch, perfume, electric shaver/razor, clothes (be sure they are the right size and something in line with his style), his favourite wine, a laptop bag? 

2) For the guys, you've probably been receiving hints the whole of January without realizing it. Try and pay more attention to the things your chic says and you'll pick a thing or two. Nonetheless, you can never go wrong with jewelry and chocolates (I'm not sure how Nigerian girls feel about flowers so tread carefully with that one). If you're feeling particularly spunky, lingerie is a good option but be sure to get the right size! ...and in colours she likes too. How about a handbag? Shoes? Clothing items? New weaves/hair extensions? A portrait painting of her or of both of you?  A customized phone case? Scented candles and oils? A spa ticket?

3) Consider "making" the gift (You should probably discuss this first with your partner and agree that you're both okay with the idea) You'll both get gifts and have fun making them. There's pottery/ceramic making & painting, glass blowing, a playlist of your partner's favourite songs, a scrapbook of your favourite moments together etc 

4) Is your partner into fitness? (I hope he/she is... you too) How about something fitness-related? A gym membership, fitness trackers, work-out clothes, home fitness equipment, work-out headphones etc

5) Consider seeking the help of a professional. You can have a love basket/box put together for your loved one with the help of professionals that offer those services.

6) Surprise him/her with a special romantic home-made meal. Treat them to a special session of pampering like a full body massage with scented oils.

7) Get a Valentine's day card and get poetic. Think of all the reason why you love your mate and write a poem. Aww

8) Is your partner adventurous? How about planning a treasure hunt for him/her?

9) If everything else fails... gift cards! Yes, some say they are not personalized and thoughtful but I say who cares? I'll rather have the option of picking what I really want instead of getting something I don't like and won't use. Most (online) stores such as Amazon offer gifts cards. Click here for Amazon gift cards. They also have great deals for Valentine's day.

Bonus - Consider including the purchase receipt in the gift. If you're buying a gift you're unsure your partner will like, consider shopping from a store that allows returns and give your partner the option of exchanging the gift for something they'll rather have.

Not too shabby eh? Got more suggestions? Share in the comments!


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  1. Oh! This was just made for me. I have been clueless! Good one Tess, option 1 all the way!

  2. Good ideas... So loved. Thanks Tess. I am usually clueless when it comes to gifts. I always asks for what they want. Esp for birthdays

  3. This is an amazing post on valentine’s party! I hope you had celebrated this year’s Valentine memorably. I hosted an intimate surprise party for my fiancĂ© at one of her favorite venue NYC. It was such an amazing night!