Valentine, Break-Ups & You

So it looks like February will be a peaceful month after all, yay! Today is the 4th day of the month and no drama or feud so far among celebrities. Or is there? My goodness did I miss it? LOL! Don't judge, you know you like the drama too. 

Nah, the Khloe Kardashian/Snooki feud doesn't count. That happened in the past and was only just rehashed plus it's been settled. 

I'm aware though that people seem to be breaking up relationships all around me. Hmmm! What is going on? Is it Valentine jitters? Is there such a thing?

I've taken it upon myself to do some research and come up with reasons for the suddenly increasing rate of break-ups this period. Don't ask me for names, ain't telling nada. Don't ask for research evidence/statistics either, ain't got any. Just read on and make your own contributions at the end :)

1) A genuine break-up based on normal reasons for ending a relationship. One is allowed to break off a relationship for whatever reason they may have. So with this line of argument, a break-up around Valentine's day can be said to be purely coincidental. However, people generally tend to take stock of their love lives around Valentine's day and when they realize the relationship is short of their expectations... poof! Someone's behind gets dumped! Hopefully, this "shortcoming" is genuine and not by a very small margin.

2) A break-up to avoid spending money on gifts for the upcoming Valentine's Day. This appears to be more popular with new relationships where one may feel/realize the other person is not worth spending money on - "we've only been together for a few weeks and still trying to get to know each other, why do I have to go to all the trouble to get him/her something? What if we end up breaking up? I would have spent all that money for nothing" 

3) A break-up to avoid the ugly mess of the partner finding out they are married or in a relationship with someone else. One of the best times to find out if a person is well and truly single is Valentine's day and other festive periods where "underground" real and true partners tend to come to the surface. Spouses come back from far and wide to claim their husbands/wives. Couples in long distance relationships make extra efforts to be together. Love is celebrated openly especially on social media. So to escape being caught, a break-up is first initiated before the significant other is revealed.

4) A break-up because it has already become apparent, through the boo's kurukere movement, that the boo has a boo. This one is an extension of number-3 above. Once the truth surfaces, the cookie crumbles... well, for some people. The die-hard ones stay back, ready to die on top of the matter. Hehehe

5) A break-up because you suddenly realize you do not love the supposed boo. Since Valentine is a season of love, it isn't uncommon for it to be a time of soul-searching in which you realize that what you have for your partner isn't love but lust after all.

6) A break-up to free oneself in order to seek greener pastures for Valentine's day celebrations/gifts from a greener-pasture-boo. The green-eyed monster in gold-diggers some people tend to surface around Valentine periods a lot. That's when they set their eyes on someone else's boo ready to snatch. Hold ya boo tight!

7) A break-up based on too much sexual pressure from the partner. This one is more popular among girls based on the seeming assumption of guys that Valentine's day is the ultimate day for coitus. So guys, calm down eh? Marry the girl and will be added to you.

Then of course, there's the post-Valentine break up that happens on Valentine's day itself or even right after. Some of the reasons include -

1) A break-up because the Valentine's day experience was grossly underwhelming and your eyes have finally cleared enough to see that the supposed boo is only a sheep in wolf clothing.

2) A break-up because someone finally got the coitus they wanted all the while (*side eye* @ the men) and so they take flight without looking back. Girls, close ya legs!

3) A break-up because one was actually waiting for Valentine's day to end before breaking up so as not to seem tacky... like breaking up before Valentine's day would seem like they were avoiding having to spend money on gifts. So they chill until Valentine is over, then serve you the break-up on a platter of gold. LOL!

That's it from me. What are your thoughts?


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