T.L.O.B - The Love Of Beauty

Kanye West has announced plans for a kids' clothing line and renamed his soon-to-be-released album again to T.L.O.P (asking his fans to guess what it stands for and win a prize), probably because of the feud with Wiz Khalifa {and Amber Rose} on wanting to use "Waves". At first he named the album Swish, then he changed it to Waves, and now it's T.L.O.P. It's no surprise then that the Internet is going crazy with people trying to guess what T.L.O.P means although they seem not to be taking him too seriously. Click here for all kinds of meanings people came up withI think it means "The Love Of Peace" though. You know, changing his album's name for the sake of peace.  After the feud he did say - I love the world bottom line and all I want is peace and positive energy. What do you think T.L.O.P means?

Now, let's get to T.L.O.B which means the love of beauty. (Does it seem familiar? That's probably because you are a student or an alumni of the Federal Government Girls' College, Onitsha. A line from the third verse of the School's anthem goes thus - feminine grace and love of beauty, all that is good is nurtured here...). So, for the love of beauty - because, who doesn't want to look young and beautiful, especially this Valentine season? - I visited the MAC studio at The Palms shopping mall in Lekki, Lagos a few days ago to get some makeup. As is customary with them (and most makeup studios), they gave me a facial makeover including contouring and highlighting and encouraged me to get the products so I can do all of that on my own. Hmmm.

That's how I came home and started binging on youtube contouring and highlighting videos. Do you know that you can practically contour and highlight several parts of your body? Including your lips, your decolletage (yes, your cleavage) to make your boobies look bigger, fuller and and and... I don't even know the word I'm looking for. Don't believe me? Click here. You can also contour and highlight your neck and collar bone area as well as your underarms, abs, butt and even your legs to make them appear toned. Wow! Who knew? I'm still on face and people are moving south. Please what stage are you on? 

Anyhoo, if you want to learn how to do a basic and non-overwhelming contouring and highlighting of the face, (remember I told you before that there's such a thing as over-contouring) I recommend you see this video.

Cosmo also has a guide on their website - cosmopolitan.com - on how to figure out the shape of your face, and the areas to contour/highlight to match your face shape. Click here to see it.

Just before I go, I'll just give you one piece of advice - BLEND! Blending is key, if you don't blend properly, you'll end up looking like a clown and of-course, I'm going to point and laugh! :) Oh, there's a contouring and highlighting video for clowns too. See it below, just so... you stay away from it! Well, except if you're attending a scary-ass clown party for the who-is-who of clowns. Two thumbs up to the quirky chic who did the video though. I had a really good laugh... and you know laughing helps tone your abs. So, I'm grateful for that.

Don't forget to drink lots of water!


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