The Kissy-Kiss: Male Vs Female

Did you have a first kiss recently? OMG! Was it on Valentine's day? Aww! Just in case you're curious, here's how the oh-la-la! moment was told to family and friends by your kissy-kiss partner... 

Don't even kid yourself, there are more people than the two of you who shared that kiss, that know about it. LOL!

If you're a fan of the FRIENDS TV show like I am, you'll love this! 

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The Difference Between Men And Women - Kissing

Gee! Guys are so weird! Is that all they could say? Like seriously? LOL!

I know I keep saying I'll like to be a guy, but for this? I love me my girly self! We bring it ALL THE TIME!


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  1. Guys are just boring, we ladies are quite detailed about such experiences. Amebos

  2. Lol...i just can't stop laughing 'cause FRIENDS just know how to be dramatic about EVERYTHING. And that's who we kinda are (disagree if you like) as 'ladies/women'. Enjoyed this post...tnx to FRIENDS
    N.B: I don't do drama though...*don't even believe myself*

  3. Ok you know that our main intention is far more than the kiss (devil smile)