Single Or Not, Welcome To February - The Month Of Love

{Is it just me or does this post title totally rhyme? Yay!} 

It's finally February and Valentine's day approaches. January and all it's drama eventually came to an end. In no particular order, we've had to deal with...

*Davido and Baby Mama Sophie
*Don Jazzy and Olamide
*Ice Prince and his girlfriend, Maima
*The Instagram chic who posted photos of her married Bae on Instagram and refused to heed his prompts to take them down
*Lolo 1 and Princess
*The "Be like" memes
*The Olumofin Brothers and Gbemi O.
*Chioma Akpotha and her "Sisters"
*The concept of Yoruba demons
*The everlasting beef between Nigeria and Ghana over Jollof Rice
*Eritrea and the rumours of forced polygamy
*Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

...all in one month. Whew! What is going on with everybody this year?!

Meanwhile, how far have you come with all those new year resolutions you made at the beginning of the year? You're still dilly-dallying? One month is gone, 11 months to go... start now!

Now that we're moving on and into February, let's hope it will be loving and peaceful... or would you rather have more drama? LOL!

Speaking of valentine's day (which is fortunately a Sunday this year) ... 

Are you single? 

Yes, yes we know. Valentine's day can be tough on single people. But don't worry, here are some tips to help make the day special for you too.

*Do something that makes you happy - play a video game, do some shopping, sleep(the next day is a Monday after all), visit the less privileged etc.

*Give yourself a good treat - have a bubble bath, buy yourself a gift for being awesome, go to a spa and get pampered, indulge in some chocolates, wine, pizza... whatever craving you have.

*Do NOT dial an ex. Drunk or not, it's a bad idea. It could go all shades of wrong and you'll regret it! If you don't trust yourself, perhaps now is the time to delete their numbers, yes?

*Think positive thoughts. Don't let yourself be sucked into self-pity or jealousy and bitterness towards people who ain't single.

*Do something from your bucket list. If you don't have one, make one.

*Treat yourself to a good movie at home (the cinema will be full of lovey dovey couples. Best to stay home if you can't handle it) Stay away from romantic comedies if they're going to make you cry and feel sorry for yourself. Go for a thriller/adventure/horror movie instead.

*Reflect on being single and the things you're able to do based on your single status without having to check with someone first or any of that coupley-stuff. Enjoy being single now.

*Plan to attend a singles party. Don't know of any? Start now to plan one with other single friends.

*Spend time with family. You love your family, don't you? Very well then, show them some love... except if they are busy with their own partners. Oops!

Do you have a partner?

Is this the first Valentine that you won't be single? Are you interested in a few tips for the day? Well, we have something for y'all too.

*Make the day about your partner and not about the gift or the place to be. This doesn't mean you shouldn't get a gift or make plans for a date and stuff, we are just saying your partner is priority and not the other way around. If he or she doesn't like chocolates, don't get them chocolates just because... Valentine. See?

*If you're into public displays of affection (PDA) that's awesome! In fact, we recommend it (LOL!) but please show some class about it and know where to create some boundaries. Time and place people, time and place!

*Decide if you're better off spending the day out or in... you just may be better off with a romantic time at home. Here's a supposed typical picture of a swimming pool on Valentine's day somewhere in Nigeria. Eek! Do you really want to be one of these people? Is this even swimming? I don't think it counts, so what are they really all doing in the pool? Hmm

*Get creative. Your gifts don't necessarily have to be store-bought. How about you agree to hand-make each other something this year?

*Not yet married? Be wise and refuse to be a baby-mama/daddy. Otherwise, the evidence of what you do will show up in October/November.

*Be careful with what you bring to social media. While it's allowed to show-off celebrate your love, some things are better kept private, you know? Be wise!

*Remind yourself of why you've chosen your partner and renew your commitment to him/her. Aww

*Don't forget to say "I love you" It doesn't matter if you say it all the time. There's the Val's day special, you know?

Bonus - If you think you're partnered up and your bae is telling you spurious stories about not spending time with you on this day, think about the fact that you may actually be a side chic/dude. Hehehe #'NuffSaid

There you are. Welcome to the new month and don't forget to drink lots of water.


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  1. Not enough have fun tips for the coupled up ones o! Warnings na im plenty for there! "Beware of having too much fun and rubbing the fun in our faces! There might be consequences! Biko add more fun.

    On the side... will you be giving tips on possible Val's gifts? It's needed!

  2. Not enough have fun tips for the coupled up ones o! Warnings na im plenty for there! "Beware of having too much fun and rubbing the fun in our faces! There might be consequences! Biko add more fun.

    On the side... will you be giving tips on possible Val's gifts? It's needed!

    1. LOL! We already said you should make it more about your partner than the gift or place to be. You have to figure out what your partner wants/likes...

      There's also considering being indoors to celebrate. You do know about the crazy turn-out in public places (especially in Nigeria) on Valentine's day every year? That just sucks out all the fun.

      And of course saying "I love you"...

      Hey, read the post!

      You're welcome to suggest more fun tips for couples :)

      As for the valentine's day gift ideas, they are right there in the amazon ads at the end of the post. *wink*

    2. ...and of course, there's the option of hand-making your gift. Try it :)

  3. single on vals day no easy oooo. I nid a boo sharp sharp

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! Be sure to check out the new post published today.