Share Your Opinion!

So I'm thinking it would be a great idea to get everyone's thoughts/opinion concerning the blog. Yes, we love you and we care about you and what you think of us. So if you have any complaints, suggestions and whatever else... now's the time to let us know. It's Friday, take some time out of your 'busy' schedule and make your opinion count! :)

  • Is there a new category/topic you want introduced?
  • Is there an existing category/topic you hope to see more of?
  • Is there a category/topic you think has been over-flogged?
  • Do you think we should add a video-blog (vlog)?
  • Do you think posts should be made shorter or longer?
  • Do you think posts should come with more pictures or less? Or no pictures at all? 
  • Should we post more often or less often? (We currently post once a day)
  • What would make you visit the blog often and invite friends to visit too?
  • Would you like something about the blog changed?
  • Every other thing you have in mind...  etc, etc. 

It's all about you. Share your thoughts!

Just one rule - be polite please. No fighting or bullying or insults allowed.

Everyone is welcome to participate. Let's have some fun! It's Friday after all!


PS - The giftie contest is still open. Click here to join in and win the giftie!

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