Happy Singles Awareness Day!

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The Girlfriends blog wishes all singles, a very happy singles awareness day! Yes, it's a thing and it's celebrated a day after Valentine's day.

According to holidayinsights.com, the day's traditions include:

  • Getting together with other singles and exchanging gifts - you could end up meeting someone interesting *wink*
  • Spending a little time on online dating sites - hmmm!
  • Celebrating and enjoying being unattached. We already provided tips on how you can do this here
  • Sending e-cards - I guess you could add secret-admirer-private-messages on social media here. Another chance to let your crush know how you feel, yes?

Flower of the Day: Cupid's Dart

Recipe of the Day: Heart shaped Jell-o

See? Who says singles can't have their own day? Never mind that the acronym for the day is SAD and that today is a Monday, just have fun and refuse to be sad!

Are you single? Let us know how you're spending the day!

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  1. Bae, how come we are just learning of this singles awareness day now. It's kinda late to make plans nah. Anyway, Happy singles awareness day, single peeps in the house.

    1. Aww, I just learnt about it myself. Sowiii.

      Next time I'll strive to give ample notice

  2. As though Val's day wasn't "SAD" enough... ��
    I wasn't sad though. I don't place much attention on such days, be it Val or SAD. Hope y'all had fun, cos I did...with my novel

    1. LOL! It all does sound sad doesn't it? But these are part of the things that make us human. Glad you had fun with your novel. I love novels too. We should get together some time