First Blog Giftie For One Lucky Winner! Yay!!!

Woohoooo!!! I just won this cute pink (aww, you know how much I love pink) Trizzy Signature fascinator today! I'm frigging excited because I never win anything, so this is like a really big deal for me. However, because I'm unable to pick it up for myself *sad face*, I have decided to generously give it out to one lucky blog reader in Lagos...

Just before we get to the giftie, let's talk a bit about our giftie benefactor - Trizzy Signature.

We all know how accessories can add the perfect finish to any outfit. Very well then... If you're looking for classy and unique hats, fascinators, bridal hair pieces, turban head gears etc for personal use, bridal trains and other occasions or for retail/wholesale, Trizzy Signature is the best place to get a bang for your buck. You'll have a bouquet of several different ready-made styles to pick from as well as the option of custom designs and special orders of other brands at affordable prices.

Trizzy signature is based in Lagos but can deliver to any part of Nigeria (delivery fees apply).

You can contact and place your orders via any of these mediums.

Instagram: Trizzy_signature
BBM channel: C004D0C2B
Whatsapp: 08127750317

...and the best part - there's a monthly giveaway of a fascinator on the Trizzy signature BBM channel to anyone who gets their brain teasers right. 

Check out more styles and designs from Trizzy Signature below.









Cute eh? Well, whatchu waiting for? Start placing orders!

For the giftie...  all you have to do to win that pink fascinator that I won, is to do the exact same thing I did to win it - get the correct answer to the brain teaser below - the first person to post the right answer in the comment section of this blog post wins. Legoooo!!!

Post your answer in the comment box now!!!

Don't forget to drink lots of water!


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  1. This is easy naaa. Ama see how smart all these babes are today.

  2. And this is to officially congratulate you Tessy on your blog. FGGC Osha Babes rock

  3. Awwww wonderful and thoughtful of you Tess

  4. The answer is 14 bae.
    Am i correct *feeling all excited as pa guru that I*

  5. Must the contestant be Lagos based admin?
    What if I know the answer and want to answer, so me not being Lagos based would deter my chance of owing this fascinator? *sad*

    1. Oh sure! You're welcome to participate, as long as you can find a way to pick up the gift from Lagos if/when you win...

      Don't forget to use a name/alias that you can be identified with.

      Good luck!