DonutsByIwa: The Love Starter Pack For Every Heart

Ouch! Just when I thought this February 2016 is going to be a peaceful month with no drama from celebrities, Burna Boy incurred the wrath of On-Air & TV Personality - Krystn Enem. For the full scoop, click here. Na wa!

How are your plans for the Valentine's Day coming along? My goodness! Did you dump someone? What happened? Did she over-countour her face? (Yes girls, there's such a thing as over-contouring and y'all really need to chill!)
Did you get dumped? Why? You found out he's married, didn't you?

Aww *big big hug* Yesterday we did discuss the rising rate of break-ups this valentine season  and some probable reasons, so no surprise really. (Click here to catch up). 

Dumped or no, broken heart or no, we've got just the right loving care pack that will make the world a better place for you... 

Donut worry, just one yummy bite into one of DonutsByIwa's gourmet donuts will have you feeling on top of the world. Remember how donuts are round? Yeah, they will make your world go round too.

DonutsByIwa is a Gourmet Donut catering company, creating unique and bespoke donuts and fun chops, made from ingredients sourced locally and internationally to give a sweet sensation to everyone. The donuts come in various flavours - Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut, Peanut, Strawberry, Red velvet etc and can be plain, sugared or garnished with oreos, chocolates, sprinkles, nuts... whatever you want!

Have I got your mouth watering already? Are you licking your lips? Then wait no more. Here's how to get these finger-licking goodness for yourself -

Phone: 08022220555, 08029990555

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: donutsbyiwa

The best part is that you can have the donuts in minis or regulars with themes, messages and write-ons on them. Yup! They'll write whatever you want on the donuts for you. A cute way to send messages, yes?

For the lucky ones who are loved and in love, what is love without sharing? Sharing is sexy. Make sure you get these donuts for your loved ones too.

Oh, and they deliver too! Yes, to anywhere in Nigeria. So what are you waiting for?


N4,500 for a dozen pack of regulars

N2,500 for a pack of 6 regulars


Custom orders

Absolutely decadent! 

Donut forget to drink lots of water and get plenty of exercise!


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