Bigger, Louder, More Teeth...

I finally got to see Jurassic World yesterday and that's where I got this post title. (Yeah, yeah, I'm late to the party. Get over it) Apparently, no one is impressed by the regular Dinosaurs anymore. They are now looked upon like Elephants in the city zoo. So, to stay relevant and keep their business afloat, the creators of the Dinosaurs needed to create one bigger and louder, with more teeth... 

...leading to the birth of a monstrous blend of a raptor, frogs, mosquitoes and whatever else they used in completing the DNA - the Indominus Rex that fed on his own sibling. Yeeesh! Am I the only one who sees the similarity of this description with Men of this generation? Oh yes, and Women! And did you see what happened with that bigger, louder chameleon of a monster? Beware people! Don't get bigger, don't get louder and my my, whatever you do, do not - I repeat - DO NOT grow teeth over the number allowed by law nature. LOL! While we are at it, let's also stop being chameleons and feeding on each other... I guess that's why we are becoming more and more obese (Don't even get me started on the teeth). Okay I kid, I kid. I'll get serious.

We really are getting bigger, louder and yes we feed on each other but, I'm more concerned about the bigger part. Are you getting bigger? What are you doing about it? You can't just stop at saying it or thinking it, you have to do it. Just do it! I tell you, being fit is the new sexy! Forget all the excuses of not having any fitness equipment or a gym membership. You can work out at home without any equipment. Click here to review the 7 day home fitness challenge we did sometime back and make the decision now to be fit. We'll be having another fitness challenge soon. Get ready!!!

On that note, get up right now and do 100 jumping jacks and 30 squats. You got this! Put some music on and just go for it! I'm doing mine right away.

Don't forget to drink lots of water!


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  1. Havent been here in a while but am back now. hmm I'll try and see this movie too butthat working out thing, abeg i still havent recvered from that 7day challenge.