Beef Soup For The Cold

Know the book series - Chicken soup for the soul? Well, I've adapted that title to suit my own needs right now. You guessed it! I came down with a cold which if you really think about it, is strange because it's like 26degrees outside! Is anyone else having this problem?

I'm supposed to be tucked into bed, with lots of fluids but here I am blogging. Oops! At least I have the fluids part down. Having me a steaming bowl of spicy beef soup which I can't really taste because of my cold but I'm pretty sure it's absolutely delish! For one thing, I cooked it myself! Well, there are no veggies and stuff in it so, I guess it's just beef and spices in stock but that's a really long non-sexy name. So yeah, I'm sticking with "beef soup".

Anyhoo, since I'm here instead of in bed because... sleep is for the weak! (just kidding), could someone please tell me what the heck is going on with Kanye West? He  seems to be a lot more in the news these days, mostly over some rants about people. Don't believe me? Check herehere and here. Also here is what Chelsea Handler had to say about him. That's right, TMZ weighed in here too. I think he probably needs some Chicken soup for his soul. Or maybe just some of my beef soup will do. Hehehe

Alrighty, gotta hop into bed.

PS - The giftie contest of yesterday is still open. Click here to join in and win!



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