After Valentine's... Now What? Part 2

A very big thank you to everyone who showed support on my post on Bella Naija yesterday. In case you missed it, click here to catch up.

Back to the post-valentine's day matter, we discussed what guys should do to show love and keep their women happy all year round and not just on Valentine's day. Click here if you missed it. Now, we shall discuss what the women should do to show love and keep their men happy all year round as well.

So I was talking to a friend about this to gain some perspective on what guys want and here's what I learnt. Enjoy!

1) Respect him

2) Have lots of sex

3) Let him take the lead

4) Have lots of sex

5) Don't nag

6) More sex

7) Be submissive

8) Even more sex

9) Feed him

10) Another round of sex

11) Don't give his schlong a "cute" name like Mr. Peepee or Pinky and even if you do, never use it in public

12) One more round of sex

13) Be encouraging, supportive and yes... have sex

14) Don't give him the silent treatment, have sex instead

15) When he's upset, have sex

16) When he's happy, have sex

17) When he's ill, have sex

18) For every situation, have sex

Is it just me or is anyone else seeing just sex, sex, sex in this list? Hmmm!


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  1. Yeah right, you got this one 100%. Make the guy happy by sandwiching every event with s.x.

    1. Hmm! Sarcasm?

      Well, that's what I learnt from my friend. Got a counter opinion?

  2. No be small sex, sex, sex. They are jokers