After Valentine's... Now What? Part 1

Okay I'm still jet-lagged so, you should probably take whatever I say on this post with a pinch of salt. However, I think it is safe to say that whatever measure you took to celebrate Valentine's day(or the single awareness day) is what you really should be doing all year round. Unless you're the man in the news who cut off his own schlong, after he accused his wife of cheating with his brother and cut her breast. Yeeesh! Read all about it here. Nuh uh, you definitely shouldn't do that. 

For the men folk, it's really easy-

  • When she's mad, kiss her 
  • Be grateful for having her and tell her that all the time. 
  • Be romantic. Do random romantic things every once in a while. Leave cute love notes on her pillow or on the fridge etc
  • Chocolates are cheaper after Valentine's day, get her more!
  • Pay her loads of compliments both privately and publicly.
    • Don't forget to hold her hand whenever you’re walking together. Nigerian men are so bad at this. They walk at a fast pace in front and leave the lady behind struggling to catch up. Urgh!
    • Cuddle... a lot!
    • Call and text her... a lot!
    • Hug and kiss her every day. Yes, tell her you love her everyday.
    • Please understand that foreplay is the focus for women and not the main act. Thank you. Focus on her: Play with her hair, caress her face, and gently stroke her arms and legs. Build some suspense into it... the slower the better.
    • Help out around the house. Cook and clean the kitchen. Do the laundry. Make the bed. Bathe the kids. Tell her to relax and do whatever she normally does.
    • Show love everyday!

    Stay tuned for tips for the ladies and don't forget to work-out and drink lots of water.


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