What's Going On With Girls' Eyebrows???

No, this post is not an eyebrow makeup tutorial. We really want to know what's happening with girls' eyebrows these days.

The post is inspired by this picture that was posted on Facebook and shared by a friend >>>>>

Apparently, in the name of beauty and the bid to whip eyebrows into shape, girls are going overboard(or under) on the use of pencils and fillers... (Whoa!)

Image result for bad drawn eyebrows      





Although some opted to get tattoos instead... (Oh my!)



Or rings... (these must hurt! Ouch!)

Some even took the tattoo idea to another level...(Yikes!)


The guys are confused...

But it appears some men are in on it too... (Gee!)




Although it seems some of them got lost at some point and went off on another tangent... (what the *$%#@*?!)

Could someone please explain what on earth is going on?


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  1. i still so have real hair on my brows and of course on my head (lol)... Actually, with a good carving, I can go out to work or events without filling my brows. Some people really do crazy stuff to their brows yuck... but if you have someone who carves well then you are good to go...

    1. Really? Good for you.

      It's really baffling the kind of eyebrows we see these days...

  2. we v gt crazy crazy ppl!...all ds fr a fashion statement,if u cant get it ryt@least dont make it worse,eeewwww.