What The Guys Said...

For the past few weeks, we've received some complaints and suggestions from blog readers which we find very helpful. Most of the male folk say the blog is too girly for them because of the pink colour (you should know that we have taken this under advisement and may be making a few changes to accommodate the guys). Some of them also decided to use this medium to tell us girls, things we should know about them - after reading 7 Crimes Against Girls You Should Never Commit- Ever! - hoping they'll be taken under advisement too. Enjoy...

1) The age-long male-complaint about females has always been nagging but y'all just don't get it. When you want us to do something, telling us once or twice (with a long space of time between the first and second times) is enough. It's not that we didn't hear you or that we don't want to do it, we are just waiting for the right time when we feel we are ready to do whatever it is.

2) We really don't do well at texting. If you want to have a conversation, call us or ask us to call you(either way is no biggie) but not while we are at work. When you call us at work, we are not really paying attention. We are reading emails and doing other office stuff.

3) Stop complaining about the way we drive. When we have you in the car, we actually make efforts to be more careful compared to when you're not there. Hehehe. Also stop telling us to ask for directions, we like finding our own way.

4) You complain too much that we look at other girls. That we look at other girls doesn't always mean we want to have them or that we don't want or respect you. We are wired to respond more to what we see, the same way you are wired to respond more to what you hear.

5) Stop talking to us when we are doing our business in the restroom. We don't know why you can't just wait until we get out. Ah ahn!

6) Our stomachs will always be your easiest route to our hearts. Why do you make a big deal when we say we want to taste your cooking? If you can't cook just say so... take-out is also acceptable to some of us. Either way, we need to be fed. Once we're hungry, just assume you're dealing with dummies.

7) We know you hate to hear that it's a man's world but, it is what it is... plus it makes us feel good. Sorry!

8) Please stop snooping on our movements and checking our phones. Stop all the territory marking too. No guy wants to feel like his freedom is compromised. Give us space and some trust.

9) We care about your appearance. Please keep taking care of yourself and looking hot 'cos we like showing you off. But stop expecting us to notice your new hairdo or manicure. They always look the same to us. Also, stop asking us if another girl is prettier than you are. Na wa o! What if she is? You want us to lie? Again, don't ask us if you're fat or getting fat unless you're ready to hear the truth.

10) Please y'all should try and be more natural. We don't like finding makeup all over our shirts after hugging you. Also, what's going on with your eyebrows these days? Yikes! All the plenty draw draw makes you look weird abeg

11) Why do you flirt with other guys in front of us? What are you trying to prove? Hmmm! You just make us think you're wayward when you do that.

12) Don't interrupt our favourite sports and show times or our guys hang-outs. We like it when you support our teams though. We also like when you join us and drink and stuff but we'll probably not marry you. We'll rather marry someone who doesn't drink or like to hang-out too much.

13) We don't like to know that you make more money than we do. So if that's the case, stop rubbing it in our faces or we'll despise you for it. Also, don't be too independent. We like feeling like we are taking good care of you.

14) When we are angry with you, it's mostly because we feel we're being disrespected. Also, when you're angry with us why do you say 'nothing' or 'I'm fine'? Abeg say your mind instead of crying and running away and expecting us to chase after you. When you do that, we just assume you need time and space alone and we're happy to give you that. Meanwhile, why do y'all cry a lot? We get upset and emotional too but, you don't see us crying. Please be strong.

15) If you're interested in us, don't play hard to get too much. We lose interest and move on after three or four attempts.

16) Stop giving your besties gist of something we told you in confidence about our guy friends. You make us look uncool and we don't like it. We share things with you because we want to know we can trust you. If you keep telling your girlfriends, we'll stop telling you stuff.

17) Don't be jealous over our love for Beyonce. What's a Man without his fantasies?

18) Why do y'all take us shopping? We don't find it as exciting as you do... well, except you're buying lingerie and will model it for us. LOL!

19) You're not the only ones that like compliments. We like to be noticed and appreciated too but, don't call us 'cute'. That's not manly at all

20) If we marry you, try and get along with our mums. Our mums were there way before you came into the picture. We can't just push her to one side like that.

21) Stop comparing us to your exes. That's not cool and you'll make us withdraw from you.

22) Why do you complain that we don't like cuddling? We do, and it makes us feel like we are protecting you. You just have to pick the right moments.

23) You're not the only ones with fears and insecurities. We worry when our beards/moustache won't grow well for beard ganging, about getting old, receding hairlines and getting bald, gaining weight, pot bellies etc

24) Don't be or act cray cray. That's another easy way to drive us away. We don't like too much drama.

Whew! Where are the girls?! Got any feedback for the guys? Don't hold back, share in the comments!

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  1. Naija girls should stop speaking pidgin, esp. lagos girls. Its not sexy at all

    1. LOL! What if the girl is trying to communicate with someone who can't speak/understand English?

  2. Am a girl and I agree with freedude. Very ratchet behaviour

  3. Hehehe, i agree with all them points. Ok ladies at least now you know some of the stuff that you do that can give us a headache. Thanks Girlfriends

  4. E don reach make we write our own list carry give guys o! Guys be stating dos and don'ts since 19mgbenwa for babes wey don already try tire to please them.

    @Free Dude my pidgin hurt your skin just now right?

    1. Yes o, let's write our own list. Ideas are welcome!

      @ Free dude, come and answer 'kweshun' :)

  5. @ Free Dude,is saying 'speaking pidgin is not sexy', an judgement of it's goodness/badness or is it a case some class trying to impose their preferences? have you not heard that pidgin is NgrE(Nigerian English) though there are variants of pidgin sha..