Understanding The Girl Language

Guys, are you having problems understanding women? Of course you are but don't worry, the girlfriends blog is here to rescue you as usual. Today, we're going to help you understand what a girl really means with some of what she says. Obviously you can't learn it all in one sitting. Duh! It would take years (ask your married friends) to fully master the art of reading between the female lines. Just grab a book and a pen and sit tight... you'll learn the basics that will keep you coasting for a while.

What she says: Whatever! 
Meaning: You'll most likely get this at the end of an argument you think you won. Hehehe. If you want whatever you both have to last long, the default setting for every argument is 'she win, you lose'.

What she says: Nothing's wrong.
Meaning: Yeah, right! Don't fall for it... EVERYTHING is wrong and she's mad at you. Think back at the things you may have done or said wrong and start damage control immediately. Immediately! The bad part is that what you did may be 3 minutes or 3 days or 3 weeks old. Good luck.

What she says: I'm fine 
Meaning:  She's not fine but she wants you to ask several times before she tells you, to show that you really care to know.

What she says: Never mind. Forget it
Meaning: You're in big trouble. Whatever she was trying to tell you was important but you didn't pay attention the first time she tried to tell you. Do what you can to find out what that was or you'll pay dearly for it later.

What she says: It's all good.
Meaning: Nope, it's not good at all but she's trying to deal with it as best as she can.

What she says: I enjoy being single.
Meaning: She wants a boyfriend like, right now but she doesn't want to seem desperate. If you have nothing to offer in that regard, get the hell out of there! If you have something to offer, this would be a good time to make your intentions known.

What she says: How is your Girlfriend?
Meaning: She's interested in you and wants to know if you're {still} in a relationship, so she can put in her application.

What she says: Where's your family?
Meaning: She wants to know if you're married. 
PS - Not wearing a ring doesn't cut it anymore because some married men have chosen to stop wearing their wedding bands. *rolling eyes*

What she says: Am I fat?
Meaning: She needs you to tell her how hot she looks.

What she says: I'll be ready in 5 minutes
Meaning: Nah, she said 3 hours. You just heard wrong. Seriously.

What she says: Don't worry about it.
Meaning: She's going to have a long long talk about it with you... especially when you least want to. Like when you want to take a nap or watch your favourite game. You berra worry about it now!

What she says: I like him, he's nice but...
Meaning: Nope, she doesn't like him but she wants to be nice about it.

What she says:  I'm not really hungry
Meaning: Yeah, she wants to eat but doesn't want you to think she likes food too much. If you don't want her taking bits off your plate, you better get her own plate.

What she says: What?!
Meaning: Uh oh! Change what you said!

What she says: I don't even like him.
Meaning: Oh she likes him alright but the guy doesn't seem to like her back.

What she says: He's fine, right?
Meaning: She's thinking of going out with him but kinda needs your approval.

What she says: I don't have anything to wear
Meaning:  If you want her to attend, you have to take her shopping. Worst case, she wants you to pick out something of hers you know she looks great in.

What she says: Doesn't matter, any restaurant is fine.
Meaning:  Any restaurant is not fine. She wants you to make suggestions so she can have an idea of the kind of place you have in mind. 

What she says: Let's take it slow
Meaning:  She's keeping her options open hoping someone better may come along before she commits to you. Now may be a good time for that grand gesture. Hehehe

What she says: You don't know my birthday?
Meaning:  Yeah, good luck trying to get out of buying her a birthday present.

What she says: We both agreed it wasn't working and parted amicably.
Meaning:  She was dumped but you don't think she's going to say that, do you? *Hug time*

What she says: How do you know her?
Meaning:  She wants to know if y'all have some dating history. For your own good, the girl in question better be your cousin.

What she says: He's not my type.
Meaning: Ask her type, she likes you... yes, YOU! 

What she says: I'm not looking to date right now
Meaning: She wants to date. She just doesn't like you. Move on.

What she says: He's like a brother to me
Meaning:  Yeah, she tried to date him but it was meh, so she put him back in the friend-zone.

What she says: I'm over him, we are just friends now.
Meaning:  Nah, she's not over him. She just doesn't want you judging her for staying friends with an unavailable guy she's still crazy about.

What she says: Is she finer than I am?
Meaning:  No! Always say no. She thinks the girl is finer than she is and worried that you think so too.

What she says: I wasn't really feeling him.
Meaning:  He never called again after the one or two times they went out and she's trying to keep her ego intact.

What she says: Am I too emotional?
Meaning:  She wants to know if you think she's crazy and full of drama.

What she says: Am I overreacting?
Meaning:  She knows she is but she needs you to be on her side.

What she says: Don't worry, I won't tell anyone.
Meaning: That's right. She won't tell anyone... except her bestie, who'll tell another bestie, who'll tell another bestie, who'll tell another bestie...

What she says: So this guy was flirting with me...
Meaning:  Get jealous... fast!

What she says: I don't want to ruin our friendship
Meaning:  She put you in the friend-zone. Why are you trying to escape? Why?

What she says: You seem like someone who likes kids.
Meaning:  She wants to know if you have plans of settling down soon and starting a family.

What she says: Where is this {relationship} going?
Meaning:  Duh! She wants a commitment!

What she says: I feel so close to you. You know me so well.
Meaning: Yeah, when are you planning to tell her you love her? She wants you to say it first (but only if you mean it)

What she says: I hate you
Meaning: Okay, she loves you... or loved you before.

What she says: I love you
Meaning: Say what?! OMG! Jump over the moon right now and tell everyone you love her, but tell her first!

So, what have you learnt so far? Stay tuned for more...


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  1. Spot on!!! Errrrmmm when I say I'm over him, I actually mean it. And for a guy to be like a brother to me, he must have razzled me but I decided to brother-zone him. #smiles

    1. Hehehe. Probably right but the emphasis is on saying you're over someone that you're still friends with.

      I say the true test of knowing you're over someone is how you act around them after you think you have closure.

  2. Very true though

  3. Girls can like kurukere movement. Why can't you people just say what you really have in mind?

    1. What would be the fun in that? Hehehe

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Exactly, what will be the fun in that... Meanwhile, we like to think that our guy has got games and can see the truth behind the words... *wink-wink*