The 3 Secrets To Looking Like A Million Bucks

There are only 3 major things you need to worry about with regards to your appearance... 

1) Your hair
2) Your shoes
3) Your attitude

...everything else is secondary. It doesn't matter what else you're wearing, get these 3 right and all the others will be added to you align. Ask Kanye West.

The Hair Game - There's a reason why "bad hair day" is a thing. Once the hair is wrong, it just kinda messes up everything else. Get the hair right and all is well with the world again.

Ever noticed Phyno's clothes? ... his hair gets all the attention. That's why he wears a hat every now and then to draw attention away from it. LOL! Anyhoo, the point is that you can wear the most expensive clothes that fit perfectly but bad hair just kills it all. Get the hair on fleek and no one even notices your clothes. It's called a woman's glory for a reason and that's why the hair business keeps thriving.

The Shoe Game - The right shoes can make all the difference in the world. Just swapping shoes can take whatever you're wearing from meh to fabulous, day to night and vice versa. Hence, never ever dismiss an outfit until you've tried it with the right pair of shoes! Ever noticed how some girls deck up from head(hair too) to ankles and just disappoint with the shoes? We see this happen a lot with flipflops. The girlfriends law... never wear flipflops - regardless of how dressy/fine/bejeweled it is - with anything that goes below the knee (except in very rare cases where the flipflops work - you'll need our permission though. Hehehe). If you want to be flipflop-casual (no, we don't mean bathroom slippers and the likes) casual short dresses, skirts and shorts are the way to go. With anything else, the flipflops just ruin the look... except perhaps a maxi dress/skirt that covers everything.

The Attitude - Once you have the hair and shoe game down, you need a healthy dose of the right attitude or you'll look like a hot mess. Get into character and own the look regardless of whatever flaws you think you have. 

Think you're short? Say hello to Kim K, Eva Longoria, Tom Cruise...

Too tall? Is that even a thing? Like... seriously

Fat Curvy? You should meet Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer...

Big Boobies? You're complaining and people are getting implants all over the place, trying to be you.

No Boobies? You obviously don't know any top models. Google is your friend.

Too dark? Lupita Nyong'o, Viola Davis...

Seriously, what's your excuse?

Stop shopping for too many clothes, that's not where the problem is!


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  1. Very true. Even with some of the funny things kanye wears he has a way of bringing everything together with good shoes.

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  3. The last point is like the most important, If you carry the right attitude, people who first noticed your hair and shoes will quickly forget about them, You will be like a new revelation, however point 1 and 2 are equally important.

    1. Good point there. Attitude is everything... that's why people are even getting away with all kinds of hair these days

  4. yea..guys really dont care much about all dat...buh they also attracted by what they see.