Nikki At The Top

Do you ever wonder and dream of life at the top of your chosen field? Of course you do! The glitz, the glamour, the satisfaction, the money (yes!), the recognition & fame, calling shots, sleeping a little bit more in the mornings, the flash-back to your beginnings...

I have dreams. Some I've achieved and some I've let go of and replaced with new ones. One constant dream I've been pursuing is to be taller and slimmer. (Who here doesn't want to be tall and slim?) During the Face Of Sleek 2009 auditions, a wise man in the modelling world - I forget his name - said 'If you're short; appear tall, if you're tall; appear taller' ...and because I love high-heel shoes, I hold this piece of advice very close to my heart. Thankfully, that takes care of the 'taller' part of my quest. Unfortunately, the 'slimmer' side of my quest is not something that can be achieved with a quick fix (I'm still trying to figure out where I stand on waist-trainers) so everyday is a battle to make healthy eating choices and have an active lifestyle to stay in shape. So, I'm still waiting to get to the top in that field. Don't say I don't have dreams, because I do! Hehehe

While I'm waiting, let me tell you about Nikki Anyansi who is currently at the top of the Nigerian modelling industry. From Ad campaigns for Music Meets Runway, GTBank, Konga Online store, Eve & Tribe, BM pro, Black Brother Baby, Zaron Cosmetics, TW Magazine etc, to several fashion shows like the GTBank & Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week, to features on African hair and fashion blogs, Nikki is one piece of eye candy to reckon with. On top of all that, she's a savant in one of the languages with the sexiest accents ever! What do you know? ...a treat for the eyes and the ears!

Signed with GI modeling agency and a favourite model to work with among top photographers/studios and makeup artists like Reze Bonna, Bigh studios, Jide of St. Ola etc and top designers such as - Ejiro Amos Tafiri, I AM ISIGO, Republic of Foreigners, Mai Atafo, Iconic Invanity, Bridget Asikwo, April By Kunbi, Lisa Folawiyo etc ...think of Nikki as the Lupita Nyong'o of Nigeria and you would be spot on.

Before we go on, take a moment or two and feed your eyes on her absolutely gorgeous 'fro!


Whew! I'm mighty glad I made that decision to start my healthy hair journey because... #MajorHairGoals!

Aside from hair inspiration, this elegant beauty is one of the reasons why you should also take your healthy eating and fitness routine seriously. From toned arms and legs to flat abs and a face to die for, you better stock up on fruits and vegetables and stop eating anything after 7pm - which is Nikki's secret to a svelte body, perfect skin and great hair. Yes, she drinks a lot of water too.

For the guys, before you start making arrangements to get her attention, let me just tell you that Jekwu, the famous celebrity men's stylist and CEO of fashion brand - Black Brother Baby, is far ahead of you on that one. He likes it and didn't waste any time to put a ring on it. Sorry boys!
Not only is Nikki a model, she's also a fashion writer for Style Vitae, and the CEO of Nikki & Tees - a company that designs and sells female boots and t-shirts. Yay! 

*About that language and accent... just in case you didn't figure it out, the language you're looking for is French. In 2014, the Italian accent was ranked number 1 by CNN, with French in second place. See the top 6 below. Guess what accent came in 6th?!

1. Italian
2. French
3. Spanish
4. Czech
5. British
6. Nigerian

So, if you're interested in contacting Nikki to test your sexy French accent, or for any other reason, email her on and find her on Instagram @nikkiandtees.

See more pictures of the gorgeous Nikki below - 





You're welcome!


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  1. v never seen a black model dat!.yea,i would really love to look back n say "tis was quite a beginning yh"soon.

  2. Nikki, I am coming for your hair. *grabs a pair of shears* Keep it up, dear.