If You Were Born In January Come Out & Dance...

Yay!!! Who remembers this song and dance? 

Where are all the January people? Has your birthday passed or it's still coming up? Is it today?!

Just in case you're not aware, mine is fast approaching and because I'm a good girl and deserve nice things(yes!), here's a list of what I want as pressies. Feel free to pick one or more but stick to the list. Always stick to the list!

*The Microsoft Surface Book with a pink case. I'll also take the Surface Pro-4 in place of the Surface Book because, I'm flexible and willing to make compromises :) Don't forget the pink case!

*A nice, cute, pink, selfie-stick. Yes, I love pink. What about you?

*The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera... in pink! They were used backstage at the 2015 Victoria's Secret fashion show. Don't you think I'll look so cute using it to take more and more pictures? :)

*The Samsung Galaxy Edge 6 plus. If you're a die-hard Apple fan, I'll make do with the iPhone 6S plus instead. Again, don't forget a pink case for either one!

*A nice long, long day at a spa with the full works, so I can be pampered and molded into a pulp and beautified to the teeth! You probably won't recognize me afterwards though. Oops!

*Hair and accessories from the girlfriends shop because... I should get to use those things just like you guys and the shop also needs to make more sales, you know? 

*An Epilator. Yeup, after yesterday's post{click here if you missed it}, I feel like I can handle any pain and take over the world! Woohooooo!

*A large pink teddy bear that I can kiss and cuddle (and whisper secrets to. Shhh!) whenever I want. I know, I know, I'm such a baby. I'll take a hugsy too but only if it comes in pink... nah, any colour will do but don't get the one with the glasses please.

*One of those cute futuristic solar-powered save-the-earth cars. I already told you I want to take over the world and that's because I want to save it! Hmm, I think you should get a pink one but I'm not quite sure. Too much pink??? Okay, a red one then.

*Perfumes. You can't go wrong with a Victoria Beckham perfume because... I'm posh like that, you know? A Victoria's Secret perfume will do too. Ask for the bombshell *wink* (I think I'll change my name to Victoria. Remember when we discussed this name thingamie? Click here if you missed it)

*A nice cute bicycle with tassles and a basket in front for my vanity bag. Please also include training wheels because I'm yet to learn how to ride a Bicycle. LOL! Do I have to tell you it should be pink?

*One of those cute teacup dogs. Aww! I think I'll name it Teacup. No, Snowball. No, Snowflake. No, Snow. No, Bubbles. No... okay, just get the dog first! A white one will do, I'll just add a pink ribbon :)

*A nice long ride on an Elephant. I really need to strike this activity off my bucket list. Don't worry about pink on this one though, I don't think there are pink Elephants. LOL!

All gifts will be accepted as from today all through the rest of January. Extension of the time-frame can also be negotiated because I know some gifts will arrive late... exchange rates and shipping issues and all :) See? I'm flexible!

Also, if you can't decide which gift you want to get, cash and gift cards are okay too!  Told you I'm flexible, didn't I? Hehehe

Happy birthdaymonth to me and all the January kids! May our days be long and filled with love and laughter.


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  1. Girl, this list is.... #coughshard

    1. LOL! A girl wants what she wants.

      What happened to having dreams? I have dreams! :)

  2. Hmmm...interesting! This is a premium list. Pls let us know what u got after ur birthday.