50 Shades Of Delphine

Three days into the new year! Have you started kicking ass in those resolutions you made? What are you waiting for? You're cooking up more excuses, aren't you?!

I remember scoring 9 out of 70 in a Nigerian language (Yoruba) test in junior high school. I promise I wasn't a dull student. I was (still am) just terrible at picking up the language (quite unlike French) no matter how hard I tried.
Why I didn't join majority of my classmates in the Hausa language class - which they all claimed was much easier - I'll never know. I guess sometimes you just have to push your limits, break away from the crowd and go where others fear to tread, you know? Needless to say, as soon as it was no longer compulsory to study a second Nigerian language, I dropped that Yoruba language class like a hot piece of yam.

Another thing I suck at is singing. The worst part is that, most of the songs I like to sing are those ones that make you go wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee, until all the breath is knocked out of you (The Sound of Music, anyone?). Now I've confined my singing to the privacy of my bathroom and sometimes in the office when I forget myself. LOL! These kind of embarrassing situations, are reasons why there are several other areas of interest that I dream of pursuing - bicycle and elephant riding inclusive - that I haven't got around to. Hence, I'm always intrigued when I meet people that are adept at pursuing several interests. 

One such person is Delphine Okobah. She is proof that you can juggle different careers/personas and kick-ass in every one of them. Don't believe me?

Let's see...

Delphine The Architect - A Degree holder in Architecture from the University of Lagos, Delphine works full-time with a private Architectural firm and is part of the brainiac team, involved in the construction of the 300 million dollar Aba Mega Shopping Mall project. You can find out all about the multi-million dollar Mall here and here. You're welcome!


MBGN 2011 - Miss Amity
Delphine The Model - I first met Delphine at the auditions of the Face of Sleek Nigeria 2009 pageant. Two years later, we met again at the 2011 Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN) pageant, where she bagged the Miss Amity award - which wasn't surprising because Delphine is quite the social Butterfly. During the two weeks camp time at Eko Hotel & Suites Lagos - where we stayed and prepared for the big day - out of the 34 contestants, Delphine was the go-to person for help with nailing the dance/choreography, makeup for the day  or for just pure entertainment with her great sense of humour. Aside pageantry, she also models for famous Nigerian Designers- AprilByKunbi, Mai Atafo, Funfere Koroye as well as for Elan Magazine etc

Delphine The Media Personality - AKA the Red Carpet Queen. You'll be hard-pressed to name a prestigious media event in Lagos-Nigeria, where you wont find Delphine hosting/anchoring the red carpet or the event in general. From the Rock News Studio  of House On The Rock, Lagos to the The Experience 2014 & 2015 to The SERA Awards to the Miss Kanekalon 2015 pageant to the CoolFM 2015 Praise Jam to the BeatFM 2015 Christmas Concert to the AvalancheTKOD to movie premieres such as SelmaFifty, Star Wars to mention a few, the bubbly epitome of eloquence brings it every time! ...Oh and she sings too. That kind of singing I can't do. LOL!

Delphine The Graphic Artist  - This versatile, quirky, beauty and brains (who has great hair by the way) also has an artistic side - designing campaigns and ads. This Gbemisoke shoes 'New Year New shoes' ad right here is proof. (Don't fail to notice the sales going on at Gbemisoke shoes - take advantage!) Also check out the Game of Thrones - African Infusion for which she designed this cover.
To see more graphics by Delphine, click here

Delphine The Goofy Doofy - Told you she's bubbly and quirky, didn't I? As long as that creative mind of hers conceives it, she's doing it.

Delphine The Mystery - I have no idea who she's supposed to be in this photo but I like it! Which just shows that it's safe to assume, that there's more coming from the multi-talented damsel. I'll be keeping an eye on her for sure. Whew!

Pree more lovely photos of Delphine below -







It's a new year, follow Delphine's footsteps and start going after all those interests you've been dreaming of and putting off. I know I will...

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  1. That Yoruba class never saw my shadow. Thanks to God for Mallam Bala and his Hausa class. Sign language,this year ,*pensive*.We really need to kiss and make up.

  2. I know her from house on the rock. Thatsmy church