Handling A New Relationship

Alright, I was actually going to finish writing "The Rules Of Relationships" but I went to the movies to see Momentum (nice movie) instead because you know, I have a life outside blogging. So, in the interest of making sure you get your daily post fix - because I know you're addicted to this blog :) which is a good thing - what I'm going to do is, share these "new relationship" tips I came across on webmd.com

Look out for number 1, though everyone seem to be claiming sapiosexuality these days. Hehehe. Are you one of them? #AskingOnBehalfOfSomeone


Understanding The Guy Language

Remember when we talked about Understanding The Girl Language a few days ago? You know, what girls say versus what they really mean? Well, the girls came complaining that we let out all the girl secrets. Oops! So they're demanding a guy version of the post to even things out. Since we aim to please, here goes...

The Nollywood Elixir

Yipeee!!! It's Friday and the 7-Day Hot Body Challenge is ending today. Have you done today's exercises? {Click here if you missed Day 7} You did Days 1 - 6, didn't you? Great! That doesn't mean you shouldn't keep exercising to stay fit though. Here's a tip, keep repeating the daily routines every week and you'll be glad you did.

Just this morning on Instagram I saw a picture posted by an actress - Lota Elixir Chukwu (@lotaelixir) that says "It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing, it takes 8 weeks for friends and family and it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world. Keep going!"

See? Why stop? When you can see amazing changes in the next 3 weeks?

To catch up on any days you may have missed, click on the links below.

Talking of Lota... have you seen these nollywood movies: The Perfect Plan, Iyore, Wind Chasers, Spotlight? How about the TV shows - Jenifa's Diary, Lagos Cougar? Yeah, yeah, you're probably saying you don't do anything nollywood. Phbbbt! Now is the time to rethink your stand (Netflix & chill *wink*) and get the opportunity to see nollywood princess - Lota Elixir Chukwu, doing her thing. Just as the name - Elixir - suggests, she really is the cure nollywood needs - a fresh face, fresh talent, fresh everything...

Uduak Isong Oguamanam, the producer of Lota's latest movie where she's the lead actress - Fine Girl - said the movie was named after Lota because she is the finest girl in nollywood. I'm eagerly anticipating it's release.

Having come a long way from contesting for the Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN) crown in 2011, Lota has definitely made a name for herself in the Nigerian movie industry. She's a favourite upcoming actress among producers, directors, actors and actresses such as Desmond Elliot, Funke Akindele, Falz The Bahd Guy, Emem Isong, Niyi Akinmolayan, Ikechukwu Onyeka, Frank Rajah, Blossom Chukwujekwu to mention a few.

Just a few weeks ago, I saw a hilarious clip of "Jenifa's diary" (a spin-off from the hit movie "Jenifa") following great reviews of the star-studded show featuring the likes of Banky W, Waje, Amaechi Mounagor, Alex Ekubor, Beverly Osu etc alongside Funke Akindele and of course, Lota Chukwu herself. I'm definitely seeing the complete show and so should you.

I'm particularly fascinated by Lota because, not only is she a drop-dead-gorgeous and talented actress, she's a yoga and fitness enthusiast with endless legs and a lovely smile. Then there are those eyes... those eyes that seem to look right into your soul and uncover deep, deep secrets! She's also an avid reader and a lover of dogs who sketches and writes in her free time. 

Here's a beautiful piece written by her...

Crystal Ball

If you had a crystal ball
If you could tell it all
your future and a lil more
If you could see tomorrow
and didn’t have to wonder
how it’d go
If you saw your step
before you took the walk
If you saw the rise
before you took the fall
If you had the eyes of the seers
and the cards of the gypsies
If you had the prophesies of the prophets
and the dreams of the dreamers
If you had visions of Nostradamus
If you could travel in time
and change the destination
If you saw the end
to the pursuit of your happiness
What’d you do?
Where’d you go?
Would you be kinder?
Would you treasure the journey or the destination?
Would you live like you owned it
Or would you realise that life is nothing?

For more beautiful pieces, visit her blog @ www.lotaelixir.wordpress.com

Check out gorgeous photos of Lota below.









Also find Lota on Instagram - @lotaelixir
Email - lotaelixir@gmail.com


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The 7-Day Hot Body Challenge : Day 7

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Today (Thursday) is Day 6 of the 7-Day challenge. {Click here for Day 6 exercises} Just one more day to go! Woohooo!!!
Are you ready to meet the Day 7 exercises?

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The 7-Day Hot Body Challenge : Day 6

Have you been consistent with the work-out challenge? How do you feel? Like you can conquer the world, right? Today (Wednesday) is Day 5 {click here if you missed it}, just 2 more days to go. Yay!!! You can do this! Get ready for tomorrow, Thursday - Day 6!

The 7-Day Hot Body Challenge : Day 5

Today (Tuesday) is Day 4 {click here if you missed it} of the 7-Day challenge. The exercises for the day are really easy, yes? Good! We'll call it the cheat day. Now that you're well rested from doing almost nothing, you feel good don'tcha? Are you ready for tomorrow, Wednesday - Day 5?

Smart people stay fit.
Smart people don't quit.
Smart people are tough.
Smart people don't make excuses.
Smart people don't complain about challenges.
Smart people just do it!
Be smart!

The 7-Day Hot Body Challenge : Day 4

Okay, I have to admit that it was difficult getting in all the exercises for today, Monday - Day 3 this morning before work. So, I'll be doing the rest in the evening. {Click here if you missed Day 3 exercises} When you're done doing them, here are the exercises for tomorrow  -Tuesday, Day 4 which are further modified to seamlessly fit into your busy schedule (Remember that we're posting exercises a day ahead so you can check them out and plan for them - click on each one to see a video on how it's done)

The 7-Day Hot Body Challenge : Day 3

Today(Sunday) is Day 2 of the hot body challenge and the exercises for the day were posted yesterday. {Click here if you missed it} When you're done doing them, here are the exercises for tomorrow  - Monday, Day 3. (Remember that we're posting exercises a day ahead so you can check them out and plan for them - click on each one to see a video on how it's done) We know tomorrow is a weekday and we've taken that into consideration in modifying the exercises. You can break the routine into two - one half for morning and the other half for evening.

The 7-Day Hot Body Challenge : Day 2

Whew! Just finished the Day 1 exercises! Have you done yours? Get off your butt and do them now! {click here to catch up} Once you're done with today's exercises, come back here to meet the Day 2 challenge for tomorrow - Sunday. If you want that hot body, you gotta work for it!

The 7-Day Hot Body Challenge : Day 1

Are you ready to be fit, fierce and fabulous? Join us on this easy-peasy-japaneasy 7-day home workout. We'll be starting tomorrow Saturday the 23rd of January 2016. It's just 7days... you can do it! The best part is that you won't be needing a gym or any equipment at all so, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Nope, no excuses! If you want that body, you have to work for it!

The 3 Secrets To Looking Like A Million Bucks

There are only 3 major things you need to worry about with regards to your appearance... 

1) Your hair
2) Your shoes
3) Your attitude

...everything else is secondary. It doesn't matter what else you're wearing, get these 3 right and all the others will be added to you align. Ask Kanye West.

The Rules Of Dating

You've gone on the first date and things went smoothly {Thanks to The Rules Of The First Date, yes?} and now you're going on more dates; second, third, fourth, fifth...

Understanding The Girl Language

Guys, are you having problems understanding women? Of course you are but don't worry, the girlfriends blog is here to rescue you as usual. Today, we're going to help you understand what a girl really means with some of what she says. Obviously you can't learn it all in one sitting. Duh! It would take years (ask your married friends) to fully master the art of reading between the female lines. Just grab a book and a pen and sit tight... you'll learn the basics that will keep you coasting for a while.

Why Do Women Cheat?

After yesterday's post - 'Why Do Men Cheat?' the guys came at me with guns a-blazing on BBM (I wonder why they didn't come to the blog. Wusses!) claiming that women cheat too. If we're being honest, they're right - women do cheat - and they want to know why. They also claimed that when men cheat, they only do it on the physical level but, women are worse because they cheat on several levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, financially etc Hehehe. Girls, you need to help me out here... Is this true?

Why Do Men Cheat?

I've asked this question a number of times and I've received all sorts of responses. While some people may argue that not all men cheat, that's not the issue. For the ones that do, why do they? Here are some of the responses I've received, some from men and some from women. (Please share any others you may have).

Cooking Goals For Every Girl

*** Editor's note - I came across a story/joke shared by a few friends on Facebook a few days ago. However, the post came with an 'author unknown' tag so I went to work searching the internet for the origins of the joke (it has been adapted by several people a few times) so that I could give credit to the true owner. Unfortunately, I wasn't successful so I've done my own adaptation of the story. If you already know the joke, laugh again or just keep moving. Otherwise... enjoy! ***

Nikki At The Top

Do you ever wonder and dream of life at the top of your chosen field? Of course you do! The glitz, the glamour, the satisfaction, the money (yes!), the recognition & fame, calling shots, sleeping a little bit more in the mornings, the flash-back to your beginnings...

I have dreams. Some I've achieved and some I've let go of and replaced with new ones. One constant dream I've been pursuing is to be taller and slimmer. (Who here doesn't want to be tall and slim?) During the Face Of Sleek 2009 auditions, a wise man in the modelling world - I forget his name - said 'If you're short; appear tall, if you're tall; appear taller' ...and because I love high-heel shoes, I hold this piece of advice very close to my heart. Thankfully, that takes care of the 'taller' part of my quest. Unfortunately, the 'slimmer' side of my quest is not something that can be achieved with a quick fix (I'm still trying to figure out where I stand on waist-trainers) so everyday is a battle to make healthy eating choices and have an active lifestyle to stay in shape. So, I'm still waiting to get to the top in that field. Don't say I don't have dreams, because I do! Hehehe

While I'm waiting, let me tell you about Nikki Anyansi who is currently at the top of the Nigerian modelling industry. From Ad campaigns for Music Meets Runway, GTBank, Konga Online store, Eve & Tribe, BM pro, Black Brother Baby, Zaron Cosmetics, TW Magazine etc, to several fashion shows like the GTBank & Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design Week, to features on African hair and fashion blogs, Nikki is one piece of eye candy to reckon with. On top of all that, she's a savant in one of the languages with the sexiest accents ever! What do you know? ...a treat for the eyes and the ears!

Signed with GI modeling agency and a favourite model to work with among top photographers/studios and makeup artists like Reze Bonna, Bigh studios, Jide of St. Ola etc and top designers such as - Ejiro Amos Tafiri, I AM ISIGO, Republic of Foreigners, Mai Atafo, Iconic Invanity, Bridget Asikwo, April By Kunbi, Lisa Folawiyo etc ...think of Nikki as the Lupita Nyong'o of Nigeria and you would be spot on.

Before we go on, take a moment or two and feed your eyes on her absolutely gorgeous 'fro!


Whew! I'm mighty glad I made that decision to start my healthy hair journey because... #MajorHairGoals!

Aside from hair inspiration, this elegant beauty is one of the reasons why you should also take your healthy eating and fitness routine seriously. From toned arms and legs to flat abs and a face to die for, you better stock up on fruits and vegetables and stop eating anything after 7pm - which is Nikki's secret to a svelte body, perfect skin and great hair. Yes, she drinks a lot of water too.

For the guys, before you start making arrangements to get her attention, let me just tell you that Jekwu, the famous celebrity men's stylist and CEO of fashion brand - Black Brother Baby, is far ahead of you on that one. He likes it and didn't waste any time to put a ring on it. Sorry boys!
Not only is Nikki a model, she's also a fashion writer for Style Vitae, and the CEO of Nikki & Tees - a company that designs and sells female boots and t-shirts. Yay! 

*About that language and accent... just in case you didn't figure it out, the language you're looking for is French. In 2014, the Italian accent was ranked number 1 by CNN, with French in second place. See the top 6 below. Guess what accent came in 6th?!

1. Italian
2. French
3. Spanish
4. Czech
5. British
6. Nigerian

So, if you're interested in contacting Nikki to test your sexy French accent, or for any other reason, email her on nekuskei@yahoo.com and find her on Instagram @nikkiandtees.

See more pictures of the gorgeous Nikki below - 





You're welcome!


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