Who Wants To Be Young & Thin?

Alright, 'thin' may be stretching it but if we're being honest, it packs a bigger punch than 'slim'. It got you here, didn't it? We won't even talk about the young part(yet), so just align your expectations accordingly *tongue-out*

So, this is yesterday's entry in my food journal... yes! I had a Shawarma!

I spent the better part of yesterday evening with my friend Stephanie. We did a lot of catching up and generally spent quality time together. There's no dull moment with Steph(except when she's just not in the mood) so it was a lot of fun. At some point during the evening, she said she had a craving for shawarma and asked if I wanted one too. I said no... until we got to the shawarma place and I quickly changed my mind *blushing* The sights and smells were hard to resist. Lesson - if you're trying to stay away from something(exes included of course), don't let it anywhere around you. The temptation can be overwhelming and that's how I got to eat the yummy shawarma - plus I had snacked on biscuits and butter (butter, not margarine. There's a difference and we'll get to that in another post) before meeting up with Steph. I was so full, I couldn't even eat the grilled chicken she had originally planned we would have for dinner, so she ended up wrapping the chicken for me to take home and I'll be having it today. Isn't she a darling? I had fun darl, thanks for hosting me *hugs*

How are you faring with your weight-loss/fitness journey? Have you been falling off the wagon? That's okay. What matters is that you get right back on, every time you fall off. I saw this picture yesterday on my friend - Solum's BBM profile and I think it aptly describes what I'm trying to say. (Solum is one dedicated fitness chic. I've asked her to share her story here to inspire others and I hope she will.)

Don't let one or two mistakes ruin all your hard-work. It's bound to happen. You'll do it a lot. You'll get tempted, you'll fall, you'll feel bad and you'll feel like eating more to make yourself feel better... but DON'T! Forgive yourself, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again!

I know this Christmas season is going to be tough for anyone one on a weight-loss/fitness journey, so I've put together some tips to help you get through it. The focus is really more about staying the same instead of packing on more pounds with all the festive food - cake, chin-chin, pies and loads of other high-carb foods. If you're dedicated, you could lose a few pounds too.

  • Go swimming. We all agree swimming is fun, right? Do you also know that swimming is one of the best over-all body work-outs you can get? Without knowing or feeling it, you get to work-out all your muscle groups while having fun. So, head on to the pool but, don't just hang around the pool-side in your swimsuit feeling sexy and eyeing guys - *side-eye* @ single chics - get into the pool and swim! If you can't swim; learn! Most pools have trainers and if you're lucky, it could be a cute dude so... win-win. Just remember to focus on the swimming and not the trainer. Phbbbt! Also, swim before eating or wait an hour or two after eating before you swim.  

  • Dance. This one is my all time favourite. I'm not even into clubs or lounges per se. I just set up my jawbone jam-box with my phone(where I have all my music) and get jamming. I twerk, I shoki, I galala, I sekem, I do them all... in the comfort of my home. However, if you're a club minx, or a gym rat that's great too. The idea is to stay active.

  • Portion Control. I mentioned this before in a previous post. {Click here if you missed it} You may not be able to avoid eating some things (that you really shouldn't eat) during this holiday and that's understandable. But don't let yourself go; have small portions and resist second(and third!) helpings. Tip - use a small plate for your servings.

  • Jump rope. This one is another fun way to work out. Find a buddy or buddies and turn it into a competition. For the Ladies; wear a good sports Bra. For the Men; grab a Banana-Hammock or whatever it is that works for you. Jiggles ain't allowed.

  • Drink lots of water. I can't stress this enough. Drinking water helps you stay full (among several other benefits). That way you don't get to over-eat Drink before meals, drink during meals, drink after meals, drink, drink, DRINK! I know I said we won't talk about the "young" part in the title but drinking water does help you look and stay younger. You can add lemon or lime to give the water some flavour. I personally prefer adding Apple Cider Vinegar. You can try that too.

Got any concerns about handling the holiday? Do you have other tips that work for you? Share in the comments.

Happy Holidays!



  1. Hehehe... Brings to mind The Serpent, Eve and the Apple. Had fun too babes. God help with not putting on weight this Christmas oooo!

  2. I really need to start working out. I used to be lekpa but I'm seriously adding now. I like the swimming and dancing ideas. need to get my lekpa body back abeg

    1. You go girl! That's the spirit.

      Be sure to share your progress

  3. No,no, it's not an easy road...Swimming in harmattan,I will have a good laugh watching unless you are have a pool of boiled water.

    1. Good point but some (probably most) pools come with heating or solar covers that keep the water warm.