What You Did Wrong In 2015

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Oh well, it's probably too early to start saying good night bye to 2015 but does anyone else think the year is going by real quickly? Before you can say 'Girlfriends!', Christmas will swing by and we'll be ushering in 2016. Are you ready? Are you setting goals/objectives for the new year? or in more familiar terms - are you making new year resolutions? 

Hol' up! Hol' up! Just before you roll out that long list, let's journey back. What happened to the resolutions you made for 2015? Reviewing how badly we did in 2015, will help us set the goals for 2016 right. So, let's have at it.

First up, yours truly - 

Image result for new year resolutions1) Change jobs - Check
2) Stay in shape - Check
3) Exercise more - Uhmm, not as much as I hoped but... okay
4) Eat clean - Well, sometimes
4) Drink more water - Yes, Check!
5) Start a blog - How about that? Check Baby! *dancing*
6) Be a better friend to my friends - Oops, sowiii *covers face* I'm trying, I promise!
7) Sleep more - Nah, I tried until (1) happened, which was early in the year so...
8) Shop less, save more - I think " I think" I succeeded so... check!
9) Change names not too frequently on BBM (those on my BBM contact list will understand) - Check! Yes? *big grin*
10) Take less pictures - Ah yes {although it's mostly 'cos I miss my Samsung Galaxy S5. That phone's camera gave me love! Still counts though, right?} - Check!

There you go. Your turn!