Water; The Secret Of Anti-Aging & Eternal Youth

2016 is almost here! Yippeeee!!! Who else is excited? Don't let my excitement deceive you though. Just like birthday blues, I also get new year blues because... who wants to get old? *shudders* 

But instead of doing nothing about it, I'm on an early (the earlier the better, right?) quest to hold on to that youthful look with all my power and might, for as long as possible. Hehehe. Don't worry,  I'll share the tried and true secret of anti-aging with you...

So you want to be forever young, eh? Very well then... forget botox, collagen injections and face-lifts (for now *wink*). Relinquish your desperate grasp at youth with the use of heavy makeup - someone please tell the gerascophobic Aunty gwegwegwes to get in here. Forget anti-aging creams, gels and soaps. The secret is water! Dear old, plain, colourless, tasteless, bland water... although it now comes in all sorts of colours and flavours. 

I'm sure you've noticed that I keep telling you to drink lots of Water. Do you do that or you just turn a deaf ear blind eye? *tsk tsk* Let's go into that for a bit...

The other day, Gabrielle Union posted this picture on her Instagram page @gabunion with this caption -

'My "secret" ...best anti-aging product there is #43 #IPeeAlot #getalotofreadingdone ... I add lemon for taste and try to finish the gallon by 6pm otherwise you go all night'

She looks like that at 43?! Well, what are you waiting for? The ageless beauty has spoken! ...and the best part is that you don't need all the money in the world for this one. Bottled water, satchet water, tap water, rain water... whichever it is that works for you and your pocket, just start drinking. Not too much all at once though. There's such a thing as water poisoning. Aim for 2 to 3 litres a day and you're all set.

Along with anti-aging, let's take a look at all what water can do for you...

I agree that drinking plain water can be boring, so here are some ways to kick it up a notch. I personally like to spike mine with Apple Cider Vinegar (which has it's own benefits that we'll talk about in another post soon)healthywaterfinal_1
We already talked about how you can improve your water intake here. For more strategies click here. Don't forget to stop at 6pm unless you want to keep waking up all night to pee or worse... wet your bed. Oops!

Bonus - If you smoke and/or hang around smokers, now's the time to quit and make new friends! - Studies show that smoking hampers the body's ability to make collagen and also leads to premature wrinkling. You're welcome!

See you in 2016 ...complete with all the goals you set :)



  1. Please where can I get the apple cider vinegar?

  2. ok na, another goal for 2016

    1. LOL! Pretty easy don't you think? Happy new year!