The Rules Of The Engagement Ring

Not the 'Rules of Engagement' movie or TV show Silly, go read the title again.

Are you still single?! Why are you still single?! 

Getting these kind of questions thrown at you? Welcome to my world! Chances are you're looking forward to a proposal soon (this Christmas? Already too late? Valentine's day then) but, do you know the rules of engagement surrounding getting your dream ring? Aha!

There's this quote/joke that was trending on BBM a while back about the engagement/wedding ring being the smallest handcuff ever. What that quote failed to say is that you can choose a sexy handcuff  too, yes? Forget the joke, you'll be wearing that thing for the rest of your life! Something to admire when you feel blue... or sell when the going gets tough... or a good bargaining chip that could save your life, if/when "the real owners" come to collect. I suggest you take these rules seriously.

I've read all kinds of rules, especially the books by Richard Templar - The Rules of Work, The Rules of Management, The Rules of Money, The Rules of Wealth, The Rules of Love, The Rules of Parenting, The Rules to Break... I kid you not. My friend and colleague has a vast collection of such books and he's always kind enough to lend them to me. Very insightful and interesting books. Thanks Topsy!‎ 

I promised him I'd write my own rules someday. So today, I'm putting my pen to paper fingers to keyboard and churning out the Rules Of The Engagement Ring.


1) You already have your dream ring picked out in your mind or in a magazine or in a shop - just like you've also picked out your wedding dress and reception venue. Hehehe. Girls are moving by faith not by sight, you know?

2) You already know all about the 4 Cs of Diamonds - Cut, Clarity, Colour & Carat. ‎Click here if you don't as we won't be discussing those.

3) ‎You're waiting for the guy to get the ring as against getting one yourself or have no plans of swapping the ring  for one you actually like (I know a chic who got herself a better another ring on the claims that the first ring fell into a pit toilet - I'm still digesting that info)

4) You're aware of the dude's pocket size. Please align your expectations accordingly. Don't expect Tiffany ring shipments if the budget can only cover Wuse market. Thank you


1) Show - Have some of your favourite everyday fashion rings (that fit your ring finger) that are similar to your dream ring in his line of sight. Wear them all the time and pay them subtle (I said SUBTLE‎) compliments. Conveniently forget one or two in a conspicuous location at his place or inside his car. They'll give him an idea of what you like as well as your ring size.

2) Tell‎ - If you're discussing about marriage, this topic is likely to come up. If it doesn't? Bring it up yourself. Just be open and honest without being pushy. Good communication can save you a lot of headache and pre-mature wrinkles.

3) Share - Let your closest friends know about your dream ring. More often than not, guys seek the help of your close friends when planning a proposal and that includes picking a ring. Drill your friends on the specifics of what you want. They'll probably laugh at you and say things but guess who'll get the last laugh...

4) ‎Sneak - When you go out, steer him in the direction of an accessories or ring shop and try out rings while he's watching. Buy a few if you have to. (I swear I've seen this happen at that Diva Accessories shop at The Palms Lekki, Lagos) He'll pick some helpful hints.

5) ‎Diss - Are there rings you absolutely do not like? Make it known but tread with caution. Especially when you display pictures of your newly engaged friend's hand and ring while posting captions like : "Congrats darling, the ring is fabulous", "Aww, I'm so happy for you. Love the ring!", "Lovely ring, the guy has taste". After all the paparazzi, please make sure you privately let dearest boo know the ring is nice but not your style - "Oh it's lovely but I'm really not a yellow gold kinda person. I'll rather have a white gold or platinum band" Don't say I didn't warn you. If you do love your friend's ring, then by all means, sing it's praises to the high heavens.

6) ‎Bonus - Get him to read this post *wink*

You're welcome!

PS - Given the vast research, energy and time that went into this, if your engagement pictures show a less than perfect manicure, I'm coming for you!



  1. Wao i love this blog. I just got engaged last month(trad is after christmas) and my fiance actually used my bestie to find my ring size. she took one of my rings and i was looking for that ring since. i didn't really have any particular design in mind but i sooooo love my ring. very simple and elegant

    1. Aww, how sweet! Congrats and happy married life in advance.

  2. No be small thing. let me start telling my friends on time now bcos le boo knows all my close friends.

  3. Lmao.....I'm off to a ring shop pulizzz. I would have to chip in my ring size during a conversation soon. Hehehe