The ABC Guide To A Smoking-Hot Body

While I definitely agree that beauty is on the inside, when was the last time you were in a bar and heard a guy turn to his friend and say "Hey, check out the soul on that girl"?

When Tom was turned off by Lynette's cancer hair and Gaby dropped some blunt honesty.Sound familiar?  I got two words for you -  Desperate Housewives. I loved Gabrielle Solis (played by Eva Longoria) in that show - Click here for 29 Hilarious Gaby moments and thank me later.

Now, where were we? Yeah, the guys are all about the face or the boobs or the butt or something on the outside first, before they get to your undoubtedly beautiful brain and/or spirit.

Aside from plastic surgery (you'll need Dr 90210 and a ship-load of money for that), there's pretty much nothing else I can suggest on facial reconstruction. However, if you want to go from the average meh body to a sizzling, banging, smoking-hot, bikini-ready bod, then keep reading and be prepared to work hard, shed a few tears and sweat (and perhaps blood).

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A - Attitude is everything. Stay focused, stay Active and bring IT every time.

B - Believe in yourself and in your ability to get that Banging Bod.

C - Replace the high-Calorie Carbs in your life with Cardio. Ditch the rice, pasta, baked goods and run, jog, walk, swim.

D - Dance and stay Dedicated. Dedication is the key to a happy heart, which is the road to understanding. Alright, that last line makes no sense but you get the gist...

Exercise and keep your Eyes on the prize.

-  Think Fat-loss and Fitness. Aim to build more muscle

G - Set realistic Goals and align your expectations accordingly.

H - Be prepared to put in H‎ard-work. Nothing good comes easy.

I- Invest in good work-out gear. Remember how good and confident you feel when you're well dressed? You'll be ready to take over the world.

J - Jump to a skinny future. Get some support though.

K Kiss your old body goodbye.

L - Eat whatever you want, you can't change your body. Okay, that's a Lie.

M - Music is good for the soul and work-outs as well. Don't forget to take Measurements

N - Never give up. No pain, No gain.

O - Find Oranges. They are packed with vitamin-C and electrolytes. Bananas and Apples are also excellent options.

P - Be Patient. It won't happen over-night.

Q - Quit procrastinating. Sweat now, smile later!

R - There's fire on the mountain... Run! Run! Run!

S - Sugar is your enemy, Squats are your friend. Avoid Stress and get your beauty Sleep.

T - Train like an Angel. You know; Victoria's Secret Angels.

U Dedication is the road to Understanding, which is the key to a happy heart. Gee! That line still makes no sense.

V‎ - Eat Vegetables, wear high heels, wear red lipstick and don't let boys be mean to you.

W - Drink lots of Water. Weigh yourself Weekly.

X - Can you play the Xylophone? Sorry, I got nothing better for X. Do ya?

Y - Do the 40 minutes of Shilpa's Yoga in the clip below and You'll be glad You did.

Z - Your Zipper is open. Ha! I made you look :)



  1. Am still enjoying christmas abeg. will start the fitfam in 2016

    1. Q - Quit procrastinating. Sweat now, smile later!

  2. Hahahaha 😂 classic Gabrielle solis.he should be in love with my soul (delusional lynette). Lol. Well some of us are a freak of nature. Nothing we eat gets us fat (girls pls don't stone me) but I still love to exercise. The endorphins released keeps me happy. I love Squats especially cos 1 goal of 2016 is to BUILD A BIGGER ASS.

    1. ROTFL! @ bigger ass. You have my blessing.

    2. As for being a freak of nature, I'm jealous so I'll begin that stone-throwing

    3. By the way, did you check out the 29 Gaby moments? I can't stop laughing! I love love her!

  3. Dear Girlfriend,

    This is a cry for help from a young mom, who misses her sizzling, smoking , banging post pregnancy bod. I cant seem to stop myself from eating, I try to drink lots of water and eat right(most times) but my weight has stayed constant. so pls pls pls draw up a meal plan for me (food items that are readily available) and help a sista/Girlfriend. XOXO

    1. Aww, I can only imagine how tough it must be to get rid of those post-preggy pounds.

      I'll definitely work on your request and post it soon so stay tuned.