Fashion & Beauty Trends You Could Get Arrested For

Do you remember this scene from the movie - Mean Girls? 


No? Catch up with the short clip below -

Now that you're all caught up...

Yes, you can wear whatever you want, as long as you wear a heavy dose of confidence as well. That said, there are some fashion and beauty trends that need a little nip here and a little tuck there to look just right. Otherwise, you probably won't get arrested but we'll definitely point and laugh!

First up - Leggings  & crop tops. If you ain't fit and trim with a bubble butt + a flat (and toned) tummy, then this fashion trend is so not for you. Instead, pair your leggings with a long top or blazer to cover the swinging butt. Or wear Jeggings instead to hold your glutes firmly. If you must do a crop top, pair it with a high waist skirt or pants and only show a sliver of skin. 


Second - Low-rise Pants/Skirts. Are your obliques on fleek? No? Then this fashion trend isn't for you. Sorry.You'll not only look classier, you'll save some of us from going blind.


Third - Body piercings & rings. It's simple, if you must get any piercing beside the regular ones for earrings, make sure you fit the part. Don't get belly button piercings/rings if your tummy isn't up to par or if your belly button isn't nicely shaped - yes, not all of us were born that lucky. Don't pierce your tongue if you wont be bothered to brush the said tongue properly. Don't pierce your nose or wear nose rings if we are gong to be seeing goo come out of your nostrils. Eew!

Fourth - Tattoos. Especially the permanent ones. Again, if your body is not sufficiently whipped and toned, please don't get tattoos and reveal them to us. If you do get tattoos, please stay in shape. Who wants to see a disfigured tattoo simply because your body has expanded and drawn it out of proportion? *sigh*

Fifth - Plunging necklines. Please if the aging process hasn't been very nice to your chest area, why go for an outfit that will reveal the droops? Why would you do that to yourself? Why? Why? If you must show off the girls, there are techniques to help them defy gravity. Don't worry,we'll tell you all about that in another post soon *wink*

Sixth - Denim on Denim - Don't try this unless you're a certified fashionista(we'll need to see your certificate) It's a really tough look to pull off and not very many people can do it right. Fix - Pair one denim item with something else. Simple


SeventhChokers. While I've never been a fan of this necklace, some people do seem capable of pulling it off. Please don't wear it if you do not have a considerably long and slender neck, otherwise you'll just look like you have no neck. Same goes for turtle necks.

EighthPantyhose. Wear a full-cover footwear. No peep-toe shoes or sandals. We don't want to see the beginnings of the hose peeking out of your shoes.

Ninth - Distressed Jeans. We already discussed this. Missed it? Click here

Tenth - Eyebrows. Ah, this one is where a lot of us are doing it all wrong. While you're learning to "draw" and use the hashtag #EyebrowsOnFleek to show off your eyebrows on Instagram, do NOT use a black pencil/filler! You're better off with dark or light brown pencils/fillers depending on your skin-tone and hair colour. While it's okay to use a little concealer/foundation to define the edges of your eyebrows, the outline of the concealer/foundation shouldn't be visible. Blend properly! We want to see the beauty; not the effort behind it.

Have we missed anything? Let us know in the comments



  1. lolllll. tell them oooo. esp for that low waist. stretch marks everywhere

  2. That eyebrow thing is very annoying. This ur cow picture is too funny abeg. lmao

  3. I sooo love that mean girls movie. The plastics and their silly rules like wearing pink on wednesdays. one clique in my school was forming that rubbish. lmao

    1. Really? They did the "Pink on Wednesdays" thing too? OMG!

      What School do/did you go to please?