Become Instantly Slimmer With These Brilliant Fashion Tips

It's the second day of Christmas! Now that you've gone overboard with all the Christmas delicacies, you're probably feeling bloated from stuffing yourself too much. Don't worry, Girlfriends' got you. Check out these instant slimming tips to make you appear and feel slimmer. You're welcome!

***Drink lots of water... it will help ease the bloating***

*Co-ordinate your outfit with one colour, preferably black. Otherwise, other colours work too especially red. A one-colour outfit creates a longer silhouette, making you appear taller and slimmer.

*Wear your hair in an up-do and away from your face. Pin the hair at the top of your head to appear taller.

*Wear a slim belt at the smallest part of your middle to cinch your waist and draw in the eyes. Pair with a V-neck top or dress for added effect.

*Wear vertical lines. The lines will draw eyes downwards making you look slimmer

*Pair leggings or skinny jeans with a slightly over-size top. The top will hide any bulges you may have around your middle from boating.

*Wear dark colours around your biggest area and pair with brighter colours.

*Wear pointed shoes with a high slim heel. The shoes will make your legs appear longer. For extra effect, go for nude shoes that blend with your skin tone.

*Combine the shoe tip above with a pair of ankle-length skinny jeans or pants for long, leaner legs.

*Accessorize with a long necklace, to draw eyes downwards and make you appear slimmer

*Wear high platform shoes and long flared pants that go all the way down to cover the shoes. You'll appear taller and slimmer instantly.

*Wear high/mid-rise skinny jeans or pants. Your legs will instantly appear long and lean. The high/mid rise will also give you a cinch at your middle for a slimmer waist.

*Pair the above tip with shoes of the same colour for an extra-long leg effect.

*If all else fails, forget the controversy and invest in good shape-wear. You'll shave off two dress sizes without breaking a sweat...well, except when you're putting it on. That byotch will nip and tuck you in the right places but not without attempting to kill you first... obviously not for the faint-hearted.

We hope you'll enjoy using these tips as much as we've enjoyed putting them together. Let us know how it all works out!

PS - Still on shape-wear, did you catch the story on the actress who couldn't breathe and fainted at a mall, because she went over-board by wearing 4 waist-trainers at the same time!? Click here to get the scoop *wink*


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  1. Babe I had to come back and read these your tips. I started feeling bloated this evening and I have an event 2moro. Thanx for sharing

    1. Yay! Glad I could help. Please come back and share when you're done.

      Sorry about the bloated feeling though. Drink water!

  2. mennnn the way am just eating and eating this christmas ehn. abeg let me enjoy, will come later for slimming tips hehehehehehe

    1. LOL. You better start doing something about it now before it gets out of hand.