Become A Game-Changer! Learn How To Cure A Player

A blog reader apparently liked the post on "How To Land The Husband Of Your Dreamsand sent in a request for tips on how to change a cheating husband/boyfriend into a one-woman, Man

Well, well! Seems I may have bitten more than I can chew. Once again, I can neither provide any formula nor promise that any formula you may come up with will give you succor. However, I will share an eclectic collection of bits and pieces of advise/suggestions that I've heard of.

1) You can't change him. Endure and turn to God.

2) Just face your Children. All Men are Dogs

3) Go ballistic and deal with the consequences later

4) Report him to his family (or your family) and organize an intervention

5) Stalk/threaten/fight the other woman(or women. Gee!)

6) Catch him in the act and guilt him into buying you nice things

7) Report him to your Pastor and arrange for deliverance(Mountain Of Fire is recommended)

8) Encourage him to play safe. That way, you won't be at risk of diseases

9) Search yourself. There must be something you lack that he finds elsewhere

10) Pack your things and go. You deserve better

11) Stay for the sake of the Children; they need you

12) Shed some weight. Your post-pregnancy body is not appealing to him

13) Do your own runs. Two can play that game

14) Explore fetish or unorthodox means and offer sacrifices

15) You're not taking good care of yourself. Stop tying wrappers on your chest and dress to entice him.

16) Stalk him all the time and allow him no breathing space; he won't have the opportunity to cheat.

17) Appreciate him, support him and cherish him. "For better, for worse" remember? At least you have a Man

18) Go into denial; refuse to acknowledge whatever is happening. Ignorance is bliss.

19) Throw him out of the house and change all the locks

20) Seek counselling. Join a forum for couples going through the same ordeal and support each other.

21) Learn martial arts and move to Hong Kong =========>>>>

So, what do you think of these tips? Got any more to add? Share in the comments.



  1. 2015 7:15:00 am
    Tessa biko am utterly tired and confused ... You see this thing about men and cheating, it can never be changed.i have a friend who got 6 brothers, he respects his eldest brother more than the others, you know why? Cos amongst all his brothers,he could swear dat one never cheated on his wife, he can't vouch for his other brothers oo but that very most senior one is a Gem. Then this also reminds me of what a Hong Kong fashion stylist Joe Zee said when reviewing Halle Berry s fashion sense. He said in his quote "Sometimes am amazed by her beauty, and each time i remember men have hurt her in the past then no woman can escape it". I paraphrased tho cos it's been a long time i saw the interview. So what am saying now is that "cheating" is innate to men, men don't grow to cheat, its just in them to cheat. Women have more self dignity than the men do, your beauty, your body shape can't keep them from cheating. All you gotta pray for is let him not bring home any deadly disease and STDs.. Lol, but to cheat? Ha ga eme ya, as I am so i always tell anyone ready to hear, "men will always cheat", be you Bianca or Chimamanda. Doesn't stop him from loving you, it's just a hunger they can't help. I haff talk finish even though my bag full of talk, lol..xx

    1. Preach gurrl, preach! Where are the Men? Come defend yourselves :)

  2. Tess you are so cray cray... See me opening to see this cure that i have not heard of... i support 12a: cos shedding weight is what you do for you and not for him and i totally support 21... hmmmm, Hongkong... Way to go... There simply is no cure except the dude wants to get cured. On rare occasions, maybe his kids might inspire him. Mehn....