Beauty Secrets To Make You Look Younger Instantly

Image result for beauty secret signDon't you just hate when people try to guess your age and add a few years to your actual age? Equally bad is when they guess correctly. That's right! We'll rather have them guess far less than the real figure. This Sunday, we bring you the secrets of instant youth -

Drink lots of water - Drink water to get an instant boost of energy. Contrary to what you may think, drinking water also helps keep bloating at bay and strengthens your immune system.

Beauty sleep - Getting enough sleep can't be overemphasized. You'll look younger when you don't have bags under your eyes. If you do get bags under your eyes, place slices of cucumber over them for a few minutes.

Exfoliate & moisturize - use a scrub to remove dead skin cells from your face; revealing new and younger skin. Moisturize well to avoid dryness.

Wear little or no makeup - Have you noticed how heavy makeup makes you appear older? Save the heavy makeup for real special occasions ‎and wear less makeup. A few tweaks here and there is all you really need.

Groom your eyebrows - Learn and get the right eyebrow shape/style for your face to get an instant face lift. Contrary to what some makeup artists will have us believe, one shape/style doesn't fit all.
Image result for eyebrows for face shape cartoons
Colour right - If you insist on wearing makeup, get the right shade of concealer/foundation‎/powder to match your neck. Not your face; your neck! Coating your face a shade or two lighter than your neck just doesn't work(except you're wearing a turtleneck) and you really don't need so much concealer or foundation; aim for the size of half a peanut at most and spread evenly over your face, ensuring you blend  out to the neck and hairline.

Wear your hair up -  Pulling you hair away from your face gives you an instant youthful look. Give it a try now and thank us later. Bonus tip - pinning your hair at the top of  your head makes you appear taller.

Image result for girl smile cartoonsHappy girls are the prettiest - your best accessory is a smile,‎ so take advantage of every opportunity to show it off. Smiling lights up your eyes and makes your face glow, making you look instantly younger.



  1. Please what product do you recommend for exfoliating?

    1. Hi, I think it's really a matter of choice and what works for your skin.

      However, I use St. Ives Apricot scrub

  2. Soo true and I think soaps n scrubs work more for me than creams which tend to be different from Der descriptions. Go girlfriend.

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