7 Crimes Against Girls You should Never Commit - Ever!

Guys get in here! We understand you may be clueless about a lot of things especially when it comes to dealing with Women. In this age and time where everything is about political correctness, we wonder why you still make these mistakes. Our guess is you don't know any better so, we've taken the pains to give you a few pointers. You're welcome.

Don't ever ask/say/do any of these to a female for whatever reason. There are guys people who lost body parts over these matters.

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1) Are you gaining weight? (Naija style - you're adding o!) Yikes! Where do you get off asking that? Who died and made you size Judge? A Girl's body size/weight is a touchy subject(age too - we'll get to that in a bit) You are allowed to do this only if you're a very very close friend. Even then, tread carefully. We recommend saying something like - you're filling out nicely.

2) Guessing a Girl's age. This is a no-brainer. Don't do it, unless she asks you to. And even when she does; always play safe, guess a number way less than what you really think. If you ever make the mistake of guessing above her actual age, all we'll say is  - good luck in your next life as a dung Beetle.

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3) I can see it's that time of the month. This one is just plain old irritating, especially when it really is that time of the month. If you don't want a severe tongue-lashing that will reset your life, stay far away from this one. 

4) Are you pregnant? Gee! That's just wrong! What if she's just a regular girl with a big stomach? Even if she's pregnant, it's really none of your business(except if you're the man behind the bump). She'll tell you if she wants to.

5) Why are you not married? ...and all other equally annoying variations of the same question; When are we drinking your wine? Are you not planning to get married? You've not found a Man to marry you?...you are too picky! You're not married yet? Are you still single?...what are you waiting for? - Okay, just stop!

6) Debating our single status - Similar to (5) above, don't argue with us when we tell you we are single - Really? How can you be single? Fine chic like you. It's not possible. I don't believe it. Sheeesh! Why do you do this? Why guys, why? Is it your single?! Just take our word for it and keep moving.

Apparently, Chics are guilty of this one too.

7) Are you still beautiful? Uhmm, we are not even sure where to begin with this one. It's too much.

We'll just go lie down, check back later.



  1. Lol @ when are we drinking your wine...you'll wait till eternity. Single ladies with the marriage pressure esp. if pretty too *serious gbege*...deliverance session follows. It ain't our fault mehn...it's them dudes faults, messing up and not doing right by us pretty damsels.
    Let's enjoy the "singlehood" jare. Cheers girlfriends!!! #AGlassOfRedWineInHand

  2. Hilarious but insightful. Nice piece

  3. quite clueless on the @ I can see it's that time of the month.. what does this mean. hehehe

    1. Try saying it to an aggravated Girl. You'll definitely find out. LOL! Actually, just ask your female friends. Or even male friends