6 Easy Steps To A Slimmer You Before Christmas!

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STEP 1 - Pray for your friends to get fat!

You’ll look and feel slimmer just being next to them. Encourage them to eat way more than they should and discourage them from getting any exercise ever!

Just kidding ...for now. The Jury is still out on that one.


You want to slim down before Christmas? Since Christmas is just 22 days away, we don't have much time. Grab a bottle of Water and we'll get started immediately.       

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STEP 1 - Drink Lots Of Water. Forget Soda, Juice, Wine etc and make Water your new best friend. You grabbed that bottle of Water we told you to, didn't you? Of course you did! Always have a bottle of Water handy; it reminds you to drink. Aim to drink at least 1 litre a day. If you can, buy a fancy bottle that you can carry around - trust us, they work. Drinking water will help you eat less, feel full for longer, feel less bloated and flush out toxins from your body. Your hair, skin and nails will thank you too. Downside - be prepared to pee a lot. 

STEP 2 - Keep a Food JournalTracking everything you eat (we mean it - everything! down to that piece of gum) will help you stay conscious of your feeding and as such, you get to make better and healthier feeding choices. You'll also feel good at the end of each day when you look at the journal and know that you did well, which will encourage you to keep going. On days when you fall off the wagon, the journal helps remind you to make better choices for the next day. Download a template online or do it manually with pen and paper. You can also find an app for your phone.

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STEP 3 - Walk, Walk, Walk. Yep, just walk. The longer and faster the walk, the better. Run errands on foot. Climb stairs. Take evening strolls around your neighbourhood and enjoy the sights - grab your earphones and play music while at it. Go window shopping - check out all the malls/stores and their displays of Christmas goodies; just don't give in to impulse-purchases or eat anything that will spoil all your hard work while you are out there.

STEP 4 - Dance Your Way To A Skinny Future. This one's two for the price of one. You get in a good work-out while also having fun. It doesn't matter if you go out to a club or attend a dance class or dance at home. Just get your freak on! 

STEP 5 - Add Colour To Your Plate. No excuses on this one. Load your plate with colour - more vegetables and fruits. Aside the aesthetic value(lol) they are naturally low in calories and contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.

STEP 6 - Stay Focused. Ignore the tempters. There's always that person that will try to tempt you to eat something you know you shouldn't. They always say - This one time won't make you fat // Why bother? you're okay the way you are // You can't slim down, that's the way you're built // You won't look good if you slim down. Pay them no mind; pick a healthier option and you'll be happy you did. You got this! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You can also ask a good friend to help you stay accountable.

There you go. Stick to these steps and welcome your new body by Christmas. Don't forget to wear high heels and red lipstick. 



  1. Oh dear...already inspired. Will pay them no attention, just eat little but we'll balanced, plenty of water, do 'me' clubbing anytime of the day with lots of exercise then just sit relax and make this beautiful gorgeous babe next to me do entirely the opposite...feeling slimmer already. Thanks Girlfriends.

  2. Been drinking lots of water and being too. Not sure if it's working o!

    1. That's great. I guess you mean peeing.
      Are you also doing the other steps? Incorporate all the steps and give it time. You should see progress in 3 weeks.
      Please keep us updated.