The Kiss - Empire Fans Get In Here!

Who comes up with these memes?

I am yet to see the latest episode of the Empire (S02E09) TV series, but I've come across all kinds of spoilers letting me know that some kissy-kiss happened between Jamal(who's supposed to be gay) and a female. Wow! So, what does he identify as now? Still gay? Straight? Bi?

My friend Didi says she's seen the episode 15 times already - apparently it's a must watch. In her words - "The Chemistry was epic and the duet was dope" 

Have you seen it? What's your take?

I'll be right back! 

*runs off to go download the episode* 



  1. naaa! his still gay in real life.its all just an act even thou him and alicia would make beautiful babies......

    1. An act? Hmmm, I hear the kiss was hot and steamy. We'll see...

  2. I just feel that the gay concept in Empire doesn't go well with the black culture or ethnicity. Don't get me wrong ....all I'm saying is even if there are many gay black guys running around the world, it isn't really widely accepted in movies like other races. Just my thoughts.

    1. Interesting notion. Are you suggesting that may be the reason the kiss was introduced? To shift away from the 'gay & black' dynamic?