Food Journal - Sunday 29/11/2015

If you currently follow @thegirlfriends on Instagram, you'll know that I keep a food journal (although I don't post all the entries) and you should too. It's a good way to track your feeding each day. You probably don't realize how much you are eating but if you write it all down, it will help keep you in check.

Here's today's entry in my journal. 

I've recently noticed that Apples are my most consistent go-to-food‎ each day. Well, it's good to eat Apples(An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away, right?) and they are low in calories, high in fiber and water and also very filling. However, in my case there's  really more  to it than the health and weight-loss benefits.

1) The nature of my job demands that I mostly eat on the go and Apples are a healthy non-messy way to get a quick hunger-fix. ‎So I always have an Apple or two handy. When I want to flex, I eat them with cream. Yum! A friend swears they work with Peanut Butter too. Haven't tried that yet though. 

2) This very poor power supply situation that has been prevalent in recent times has discouraged me from stocking the fridge with anything with a short shelf-life. I had to throw out a bunch of Veggies the other day. Expensive vegetables at that! ‎*sob*

Anyhoo, I'd exhausted my Apples stock and headed out to Spar - Lekki to restock.‎ You know how they have those big juicy crunchy Apples at Spar & Shoprite. So, as always, I took my time to pick out the best Apples I could find. For me, it's either the deep/dark red ones or the very green ones. Those yellowish ones don't work for me. Nah! It feels like they couldn't make up their minds on the colour they wanted to be so they compromised. Lol

I was jejely inspecting and selecting my Apples, when I noticed they had some Black-Friday-Sales thing going on the Apples. A 15% discount. Score! Apple lover that I am, I picked out 15 Apples instead of 10 that I usually go for‎. Lol. Who no like better thing? (If you're looking to take advantage of the discount like I did, it's a 4-day thing ending tomorrow the 30th) .

Oh, I almost forgot, while ‎basking in the euphoria of awoof Apples, I saw this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
From the bite-size‎, I'm guessing it was someone's naughty hungry Child that managed to get hold of an Apple before they knew what was happening. Lol!

Or maybe an Adult that wanted to check the integrity of the‎ Apples. I kinda wish I can do that because sometimes, even with all the careful inspection and selection, I still end up with some of those soft ones that just fall apart in your mouth. Urgh!

How do you like your Apples? Crunchy or soft? Red? Green‎? Or Yellowish?

Share in the comments section and remember to drink lots of water.

PS - It's my bestie's birthday today. Happy Birthday Sugy!



  1. Got a tooth problem so apples are really had for me to chew. I go for the very red big ones if I have to. Bae I need to loose weight especially belly fat. Maybe you can share some recommendations.

    1. Aww, sorry about the tooth problem. Weight-loss tips will come soon. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the 'Fitness & Weight-loss' topic/tab.

  2. I like my apples deep dark red. Those green ones gvs me sour teeth, (don't know if there's anything like dat, lol). And I love them crunchy too....

    1. Lol @ sour teeth. Not sure I know what that is but I do prefer the red Apples to the green ones. I only go green when red ain't available.

  3. Thanks Sugy bear. Love you

    Nnenna Uche