The Kiss - Empire Fans Get In Here!

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I Just Got Back

Image result for christmasThe holiday season is here again and the smell of Christmas is in the air. Sure, it has a smell :)  I usually get super excited around Christmas and this year is no different. The hustle & bustle in Lagos pick up a new dimension, travel plans are made - both within and outside the Country, airlines and transport companies hike up their fares, cab drivers charge an arm and a leg, everything in the market becomes double it's original price, Companies advertise promos that make you spend all your money to qualify for a raffle draw, the big stores advertise all kinds of discount sales and other marketing gimmicks, Christmas trees, lights & decorations spring up everywhere(Hello Zenith Bank Head Office. Their decor is always on fleek, no?)

Food Journal - Sunday 29/11/2015

If you currently follow @thegirlfriends on Instagram, you'll know that I keep a food journal (although I don't post all the entries) and you should too. It's a good way to track your feeding each day. You probably don't realize how much you are eating but if you write it all down, it will help keep you in check.

Here's today's entry in my journal. 

A Healthy Dose Of Motivation

Here's some motivation to get you started on that exercise/fitness routine you've been putting off...

Kylie Jenner

We Did It!

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