Water; The Secret Of Anti-Aging & Eternal Youth

2016 is almost here! Yippeeee!!! Who else is excited? Don't let my excitement deceive you though. Just like birthday blues, I also get new year blues because... who wants to get old? *shudders* 

But instead of doing nothing about it, I'm on an early (the earlier the better, right?) quest to hold on to that youthful look with all my power and might, for as long as possible. Hehehe. Don't worry,  I'll share the tried and true secret of anti-aging with you...

The Rules Of Match-Making

Are you single and looking to meet someone? Do you have single friends and looking to do some match-making? Get in here... this one's for you!

Just so you know, I'm not about to begin playing Cupid right now. Let's just talk about what it is to be in the match-making party, either as a match-maker or a match-makee (uhmm, is there such a word?) Heaven knows I've found myself in both situations before. Have you? How did you handle either role? Let's discuss, shall we?

Keeping Up With MaryJane

Take a moment's break from the Kardashians and the fact that Kim got 150 (that's right - 150!) Christmas presents from Kanye.

Let's talk about the goals you want to set for 2016. Relationship goals? Family goals? Weight-loss & fitness goals? Fashion goals? Get inspiration for them all, conveniently in one place. You can thank me later.

I remember high school, when we held harvest thanksgiving and bazaar sales in the school premises to raise funds for the Church. Aside the bazaar sales, one of the other fundraising activities was to have a Queen (a student selected and dressed up by other students). Parents, Teachers and Students would pay a small token to visit the Queen and get gifts in return. I was made a Queen in my time, which was fun but, this isn't about me. This is about MaryJane; one of the first fundraising Queens I remember visiting then. She is currently a wife, a mother and the face of Caramel His & Hers clothing store. 

MJ as she is fondly called by friends and family, has since left her High School-Queen days behind, to become a certified fashionista in her own right. This fit, fierce and fabulous mother of one, doubles as a fashion store owner and a personal shopper with a  wide array of clients and a strong social media presence. Together with her husband who is a professional Wedding-Photographer(Caramel Photos), the duo quickly became a force to reckon with in the Nigerian clothing/fashion & photography industry. Fast-forward to more recent times, the duo are now a trio following the arrival of their high-spirited little boy, further enhancing the flavour of an already tasty dish.
Award -winning photo of  Ed & MJ's son - Jayden.
Isn't he just too cute?!

This bombshell family own and run the Caramel His & Hers Fashion store (personal shopping, retail & wholesale) and Caramel Photos studio, providing quality clothing/fashion & photography services both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

The award-winning Caramel Photos Photographer, proud Husband and doting Father - Edward, had this to say of his award-winning photo of their son, Jayden - It was my turn to babysit, I tried everything to get him to stop crying; this was the only thing that worked. How funny, I won my first photography award with this. 

What happens ‎when a fashion Queen is married to a photography King, with a bubbly little Prince in tow? I got just one word for you - SLAY!

See for yourself below, starting with my personal favourite -
Jayden's pose in this photo is everything!!!












So, think you can keep up with MaryJane?

*Caramel His & Hers clothing store is @ #1 Chime Avenue, New Haven, Enugu - Nigeria.
Phone07065433663, 08033330624
Instagram - @caramelhishers

*To be photographed by Caramel Photos, call - 08033166172
Instagram - @caramelphotos1
Website - www.caramelphotos.com


The Rules Of Toasting

Nope, this piece is not about Bread or Drinks. It's about getting a Girl to go out with you. Now that we've cleared up that little detail, remember those movies that come back with a sequel, taking you back to how it all began? Great! Guys, Girlfriends already brought you The Rules Of The Proposal. Now, we'll journey back to the beginning... getting the Girl.

Let's dive in!

The ABC Guide To A Smoking-Hot Body

While I definitely agree that beauty is on the inside, when was the last time you were in a bar and heard a guy turn to his friend and say "Hey, check out the soul on that girl"?

Become Instantly Slimmer With These Brilliant Fashion Tips

It's the second day of Christmas! Now that you've gone overboard with all the Christmas delicacies, you're probably feeling bloated from stuffing yourself too much. Don't worry, Girlfriends' got you. Check out these instant slimming tips to make you appear and feel slimmer. You're welcome!

On the First Day Of Christmas...

...my true love gave to me;  a Partridge in a Pear Tree a Turkey in a Palm Tree. 

The Rules Of The Proposal

A few days ago, Girlfriends brought you The Rules Of The Engagement Ring. Today, we bring you the sequel - the rules you need to follow to pull-off the perfect proposal. 

Guys, this one's for you. We are not even going to be shy or beat around the bush about this one. If you don't get it right, we are saying a resounding NO!

New Milestone! 5,000 Hits!

Thank you everyone.
We couldn't have done it without you.
xoxo... Girlfriends

Ho! Ho!! Ho!!!

It's two days to Christmas! Two days! Have you gone to see Santa? I haven't, but that's just because he keeps visiting me instead. I guess I'm at the top of his Christmas list because I've been a good good girl this year (as always). Remember when I mentioned how exciting this festive season is for me, in a previous post? Click here if you missed it